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The Centre for Philosophy of Religion was founded in Heythrop College, University of London  in 2009, and is committed to excellence in research into all aspects of Philosophy of Religion. It aims to expand the subject beyond the confines of a narrow specialist discipline by re-establishing the links between religion as a set of theoretical claims and its moral, psychological and spiritual aspects, and by exploring how it is related to contemporary secular and scientific thought. It approaches philosophy of religion in a way that is sensitive to the beliefs and practices of the great religions, and encourages interaction with other branches of philosophy as well as broader interdisciplinary collaboration.

The centre seeks to sustain a vigorous research culture by organizing conferences, seminars, and public lectures, and fostering high quality research output, individually or in collaboration, by members of the Centre and of UR’s other academic Departments. 

2017-18: Supernaturalism and Naturalism: Beyond the Divide, Porticus UK/Heythrop College, (collaborative project with Professor Mario De Caro, University Roma Tre/Tufts)

It is a common assumption of contemporary analytic philosophy that supernaturalism is indefensible, and that 'anti-supernaturalism' is the starting point of all good philosophy. The aim of this project has been to examine and to challenge this anti-supernaturalist stance, and to explore the limits of a more liberal or expansive form of naturalism. 


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