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How quickly can facial emotional expressions be processed by the brain? Can we predict empathetic and emotional fluency? What are the communicative resources used by people with aphasia or autism?

Questions such as these are explored at Roehampton's Centre for Research in Cognition, Emotion and Interaction. The Centre concentrates on areas of cognition that are mutually affected by emotion, social cognition and the discipline of social cognitive neuroscience.

Research spanning conversation analysis, cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience aim to promote a synergy that fosters collaborations and a variety of research outputs. Some of these issues are looked at from a developmental perspective.

The Centre acts as a focus for collaborations within the Department of Psychology and the University of Roehampton, as well as our current collaborations at national (e.g. Birkbeck, Birmingham, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Hertfordshire, Oxford, Southampton, Surrey, Sussex, UCL, UEL) and international (e.g. UCLA, Switzerland) levels.

We pursue a pure or theoretical perspective rather than a directly applied approach. However, some source data and issues that we deal with come from clinical or sub-clinical arenas and so our work is applicable to real-world problems.

For information about the Centre for Research in Cognition, Emotion & Interaction

Dr John Rae
Centre Director
The Centre for Research in Cognition, Emotion & Interaction
Department of Psychology
Whitelands College
University of Roehampton
Holybourne Avenue
London SW15 4JD
Tel: +44 (0)20 8392 3827/3631
Email: j.rae@roehampton.ac.uk