Research Centre Staff


Dr John Rae
Research Interests: Language, interaction and communication. Talk and body movement in social interaction, Multimodal interaction. Interactions involving persons with a challenged capacity (e.g. people with aphasia or with an autistic spectrum disorder). Tele-mediated interaction and Computer-mediated communication. Conversation Analysis, Discourse analysis and Philosophy of the social sciences.


Aleksandar Aksentijevic-Oct 2013

Dr Aleksandar Aksentijevic
Research Interests: Pitch perception, complexity, psychophysics, dynamics of visual grouping, music psychology and consciousness.

Dr Kaz Brandt
Research Interests: Cognitive neuropsychology, memory and learning in normal and brain damaged adults.

Dr Amanda Carr
Research Interests: Social cognition and development, achievement motivation, parenting, human-computer interaction.

Paul Dickerson - Oct 2013

Dr Paul Dickerson
Research Interests: Conversation and discourse analysis within communicative impairment, interaction with robots and political talk and social psychology.

Simon Dorman - Oct 2013

Mr Simon Dorman
Research Interests: Cognitive psychology, individual differences and their impact on metacognition and strategy evaluation in problem-solving. Influences on computer aided-learning experiences and outcomes and navigation through computer-based multimedia presentations and the internet.

Dr Amanda Holmes
Research Interests: Cognition and emotion, face processing, cognitive and neural mechanisms associated with the perception and encoding of emotional information, particularly in relation to affective disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Dr Joe Levy
Research Interests: Cognitive psychology, social cognitive science, computational modelling, language. Experimental psychology methods, computational modelling, computational linguistics, EEG and fMRI.

Ms Maria Nielsen
Research Interests: EEG and the mirror neuron system

Lance Slade - Oct 2013

Dr Lance Slade
Research Interests: Theory of Mind, social cognition, development, learning and motivation.