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Our research centre has wide-ranging interests in Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour. Specific research areas include:

  • Aquatic ecology (e.g. biodiversity - ecosystem functioning, ecology of groundwaters and hyporheic zones, energy flow and food webs, climate change).
  • The evolutionary processes generating and maintaining diversity, particularly in fish systems.
  • Ecology of soil fauna such as springtails.
  • Whole animal behavioural physiology with a focus on animal adaptations that enhance energetic efficiency.
  • Animal behaviour, focussing on how ecology, evolution and domestication have shaped social behaviour, cognition and vocal communication in animals.
  • Self-organization in biological systems, collective animal behaviour and collective intelligence in group-living animals. 

Staff in CREEB are highly collaborative, both within the Centre and externally, resulting in a dynamic and vibrant research group, supported by excellent specialist resources and facilities. We welcome enquiries about our research including from prospective research students.

Postdoctoral, PhD and Master's Research

The Centre for Research in Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour has a strong research environment and its high calibre research staff are well qualified to mentor to mentor early-career researchers at master's, PhD and postdoctoral level. They have a wide range of expertise and are engaged in collaborative work with researchers, both within the University and at other institutions and organisations, in the UK and abroad. Excellent research facilities, with well-equipped specialist labs and diverse fieldwork opportunities, make this a stimulating environment to work and study in.

We are interested in supporting the development of postdoctoral fellowship proposals and have a broad range of PhD opportunities available. We also have opportinities at master's level through our Masters by Research (MbyRes) in Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour. Please see here for more information about potential MbyRes projects and supervisors.

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