Seminars and Other Events

Centre for Research in Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour (CREEB)

Seminar Programme: Spring Term 2019

Thursdays, 1-2 pm, Richmond Room, Whitelands (1009)

17th January, Dr. Cristina Banks-Leite, Imperial College London
Causes and consequences of species extinctions in tropical ecosystems

24th January, Dr. Vicky Warwick-Evans, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge
Bio-logging and modelling for conservation of seabirds and their prey

31st January, Dr. James Whiting, University of Exeter
Convergent evolution across continents and chromosomes

7th February, Dr. Stuart Ritchie, Kings College London
Genetic and environmental correlates of human intelligence

14th February, Dr Isabella Capellini, University of Hull
A global scale approach to biological invasions

(21st February, Break for Revision Week, no seminar)

28th February, Dr. James Hansford, Institute of Zoology/Northern Illinois University
Diversity and extinction in elephant birds 

7th March, Dr. Ursula Paredes-Esquivel, Queen Mary University of London
Transgenerational inheritance of stress in owl monkeys

14th March, Dr. Elisabetta Versace, Queen Mary University of London
Social knowledge before social life

21st March, Dr. Jana Uher, University of Greenwich
Personality research: assessments and behavioural measurements do not capture the same study phenomena

 28th March, Dr. Faye Thompson, University of Exeter
Conflict and cooperation in animal societies

Convenors: Alan McElligott, Jessica Bryant