Seminars and Other Events

Centre for Research in Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour (CREEB)

Seminar Programme: Autumn Term 2019

Thursdays, 1-2 pm, Ponsonby Room, Whitelands (1008)

26th Sept: Ignacio (‘Nacho’) Peralta, University of Roehampton
Scaling and adaptation in heat tolerance of ectothermic animals

3rd Oct: Holly Root-Gutteridge, University of Sussex
Discrimination of phonemic and identity cues in human speech by domestic dogs

10th Oct: Carolyn Thompson, University College London
Impacts of anthropogenic activities on non-human primate populations and behaviours

17th Oct: Juan Martin Dabezies, University of the Republic, Uruguay
Wild boar hunting: between biosecurity, nature conservation and cultural tradition

24th Oct: Giulio Facchini, University of Roehampton
Interaction between form and growth in a remarkable self-organised biological structure: the arboreal nests of nasute termites

31st Oct: Mark Fox, Royal Veterinary College
Urban foxes and parasite transmission to domestic dogs - a cause for concern?

(7th Nov Break for Revision Week, no seminar)

14th Nov: Isabel Magalhaes, University of Roehampton
Biodiversity of a climate change-driven range expansion

21st Nov: Anne-Claire Fabre, Natural History Museum London
Vertebrate functional morphology

28th Nov: Daniel Perkins, University of Roehampton
Across ecosystem comparisons of food web structure

5th Dec: Victor Saito, Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil

Convenors: Andrea PernaJessica Bryant