Research Projects involving the Centre for Research in English Language and Linguistics

The Language of Money and Debt

Annabelle Mooney and Evi Sifaki have been working on the language of money and debt for a few years. They have published an edited volume, The Language of Money and Debt: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Mooney has now also published The Language of Money and Debt: Proverbs and Practices.

This grew directly from a two day BAAL/Cambridge University Press Symposium. Annabelle is currently completing a monograph for Routledge to be published in 2018.

You can find information about publications on community currency, metaphors in talk about money, and benefits sanctions by clicking on the links. If you are interested in this field, please contact Annabelle.

Dr Eva Duran Eppler

Dr Duran Eppler is currently working on a collaborative project (with Christoph Gabriel, Mainz, and Sylvia Moosmueller, Vienna) on the realisation of article schwa in Viennese German-English bilinguals.

She is also working on two collaborative projects with colleagues from translation. One investigates whether audiences can “read” directors’ intentions behind the use of multiple languages in their AV products (with Irene de Higes Andino, Castellon, and Mathias Kraemer, VSI). The other AVT (Audio Visual Translation) project seeks to establish whether audiences really find swearing more offensive in writing/subtitles than in spoken language/dubbing.

Eva is also currently trying to secure funding for the Perceptual Dialectology Database Project (in collaboration with Chis Montgomery, Sheffield, and 27 international researchers). If you are interested in any of these projects, please contact her at 

Pragmatic inference workshop, 17th July 2014 

A one-day workshop on pragmatic inference, held at the University of Roehampton organised by Dr Mark Jary.

Speakers include:

  • Nicholas Allott, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, Oslo
  • Michael Franke, Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Mikhail Kissine, Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Diana Mazzarella, UCL
  • Marco Mazzone, Università di Catania
  • Ira Novek, CNRS-Université de Lyon Institut des Sciences

See the full programme and abstracts here.