Staff in the Centre for Research in English Language and Linguistics are drawn from a broad spectrum of research interests in sociolinguistics, applied linguistics and theoretical linguistics. Prospective students are advised to acquaint themselves with the specialist details on individual staff pages. CRELL welcomes applications from prospective research students (MPhil and PhD) in the areas of:

  • Semantics and pragmatics, relationship between language and theory of mind, philosophy of language, linguistic politeness
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Language teaching, TESOL, language testing and assessment.
  • Language and human rights, semiotics of law, language and marginal religious movements, HIV and quality of life, globalisation
  • Psycholinguistics, bilingualism, code-switching
  • Theoretical phonology, the diachronic and synchronic phonology, negative contraction in English, processes of cliticisation, syntactic theory, null subjects
  • Language and identity, the sociology of language and religion, language planning and language policy in post-colonial Africa, popular culture and diasporic Africans

Current Research Students

Nabam Ojo: (2016 - ) 'Improving Literacy among preschool children through the Mwaghavul Language in Mangu LGA, Plateau State, Nigeria.

Lukasz Daniluk: (2014 - ) (Linguistics, Media Studies) 'The sociolinguistics of Polish youth culture –rap, hip hop and identity among young transnationals in Putney Vale, London'. TECHNE scholarship holder.

Yuksel Gonul: (2015 - )(Language Policy and planning, Language Shift, Macro sociolinguistics) Turkey's language policy and its impact on Kurdish language.

Olubunmi Idowu:(2013 - ) (Linguistics) Pronunciation Intelligibility of Nigerian Yoruba Speakers of English.

Dinesh Gurung:(2011- ) (Linguistics) Nepali-English Code-switching in the conversations of Nepali bilinguals.

Nilou Hawthorne: (2010) (Linguistics) The discourses of 'information' in higher education.

Andrew Cooke: (Religious Studies, Linguistics) 'An ecclesiological analysis of the history of official Roman Catholic teaching on male homosexuality from 1959 to the present day'.

Nahoko Mulvey (Discontinued) (Education, Linguistics) 'Japanese heritage language education in England'.

Jo-Anne Sunderland-Bowe: 'Object dialogues: Approaches to the use of museum objects in the language acquisition of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Language) learners'. TECHNE scholarship holder.

Recent Completions

Joseph Chimbuto: (Film, Linguistics) Representation of Women in Nollywood films: An investigation of its impact on audiences in Malawi.

Sylvester Kuwor: (Dance, Linguistics) 'Transmission of Ewe dances in Ghana and the UK.

Kate Mariat: (Linguistics) Scapegoats, Gatekeepers and Egalitarians: parliamentry discourse on sexuality over a period of legislate change 1986-2004.

Israa Qari: (Linguistics) Politeness strategies in the English interlanguage requests and apologies of Saudi EFL learners: a comparative study.


For information on doctoral research, please contact Mark Jary.