Research Students

Staff in the Centre for Research in English Language and Linguistics are drawn from a broad spectrum of research interests in sociolinguistics, applied linguistics and theoretical linguistics. Prospective students are advised to acquaint themselves with the specialist details on individual staff pages. CRELL welcomes applications from prospective research students (MPhil and PhD) in the areas of:

Please see staff profiles and current projects for further information on our current areas of specialisation.

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Current students

Alamri, Sarah (2015- ) A comparative study of compliments and compliment responses by Saudi learners of English (Supervisors: Garner and Duran-Eppler)

Alhajailan, Dina (2016- ) A Comparative Analysis of English and Arabic Noun Phrase Structure   (Supervisors: Duran-Eppler and Sedgwick)

Aljaber, Raid Nasser (2015- ) Overcoming Cultural Differences in the English language Classroom: How Foreign English Language Teachers Adapt to Cultural Differences in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  (Supervisors: Garner and Sedgwick)

Daniulk, Lukasz - (2014 - ) (Linguistics, Media Studies) 'The sociolinguistics of Polish youth culture –rap, hip hop and identity among young transnationals in Putney Vale, London'. TECHNE scholarship holder. (Supervisors: Esser and Mooney)

Gonul, Yuksel - (2015 - ) (Linguistics) Turkey's language policy and its impact on Kurdish language.

Gurung, Dinesh - (2011- ) (Linguistics) Nepali-English Code-switching in the conversations of Nepali bilinguals. (Supervisors: Duran-Eppler)

Idowu, Fiyinfolu Olubunmi (2013-) Pronunciation Intelligibility of Nigerian Yoruba Speakers of English (Supervisors: Broadbent)

Liu, Ida (2017-) An ecological perspective of communicative interaction of different forms of discourses within two different postgraduate programme modules (Supervisors: Garner and Mooney)

Sunderland-Bowe, Jo-Anne (2016-) 'Object dialogues: Approaches to the use of museum objects in the language acquisition of ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Language) learners'. TECHNE scholarship holder. (Supervisors: Duran-Eppler and Sedgwick)