Staff Members

Nadine Beckman

Nadine Beckmann

HIV/AIDS and Islam; sexuality, reproduction and notions of morality and uncertainty in Zanzibar; biopolitics and health activism in Tanzania.

Kirsten Bell

Kirsten Bell

Anthropology of public health; medical anthropology; science and technology studies; scholarly knowledge production; research ethics. 



Colette Berbesque

Human ecology; evolution of the hominin diet; evolution of cooperation, prestige, and hierarchy.

Lia Betti

Origin of modern human variation; skeletal morphology of the cranium and postcranium.

Giovanna Capponi

Human-animal studies; environmental anthropology; historical ecology; naturecultures

James Davies

James Davies

Psychological and psychiatric anthropology; professional socialisation; anthropology of fieldwork and fieldwork experience.

Julie Lehmann - Oct 2013

Julia Lehmann

Evolution of sociality; costs and benefits of groups; social networks, social integration and stress; perimenopause and wellbeing.

Garry Marvin

Garry Marvin

Human-animal relations; recreational hunting; representations of animals in cultures.

Ricardo Ontillera

Social anthropology; human-animal studies (HAS); traditional ecological knowledge (TEK); environmental anthropology; ecosystem services.

istvan new

Istvan Praet

Latin America (Ecuador); Amerindian forms of animism; anthropology’s relationship with the life sciences.


todd c rae

Craniofacial morphology; evolution of anthropoids; theory and method of phylogenetic inference. Watch Todd speak about a day in the life of an anthropologist here.

caroline ross

Caroline Ross 

Primate socio-ecology; reproductive strategies; brain evolution; human-wildlife conflict.

Stuart Semple - Oct 2013

Stuart Semple

Primate communication; primate social behaviour; human-animal interactions.