Seminar Programme Spring Term 2018

Thursdays, 4.15pm, Parkstead House, Whitelands College, Room G070

18 Jan -  Charlotte Roberts, Durham University

The value of palaeopathology in understanding our ancestors’ lives

1 Feb - Elisabeth Hsu, University of Oxford

The Iconography of Time in Movements/Postures (shi势) of the Yijin jing 易勁經 ([?1624] 1882)

22 Feb - Paola Ponce, University of York

Health and disease in post-medieval London: examples from the population buried at the Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy”

1 MarKirsten Bell, University of Roehampton

The rise of the RCT and the science of male circumcision as a HIV prevention tool, or, how the oldest operation in the world became its newest biomedical technology of prevention

8 Mar - Charlotte Houldcroft, University of Cambridge

The hominin STD clinic: the ancient origins of HSV2 (herpes simplex virus type 2)

22 Mar - Fiona Jordan, University of Bristol

How we talk and don’t talk about relatives: Cultural diversity, speaker patterns, and child acquisition of kinship terms