Seminar Programme Autumn Term 2017

Thursdays, 16.15, Room G070

5 Oct - Rebecca Prentice, University of Sussex

‘United Victims of Benetton?: A Global Campaign for Compensation and Corporate Responsibility after the Rana Plaza Collapse

12 Oct - Tamas David-Barrett, University of Oxford

Climatic variation, hairlessness and the evolution of cooking

2 Nov - Juliane Kaminski, University of Portsmouth

Social cognition in Chimpanzees and dogs: why compare?

9 Nov - Adrian Barnett, National Institute for Amazonian Research, Brazil

Cunning Cacajao and Predator-Savvy Sakis: optimal foraging and induced toxin avoidance in uacaris and judging predation risk in Chiropotes albinasus

16 Nov - Keir James Cecil Martin, University of Oslo

This young men’s manner, all this fucking fucking… I’m not happy with them;' the namata ritual as the site of the breakdown of social order in East New Britain

30 Nov - Brandon Wheeler, University of Kent

Machiavellian monkeys? Proximate and ultimate perspectives on deceptive alarm calling in tufted capuchins

14 Dec - Alison Shaw, University of Oxford and University of California at Los Angeles

Consanguineous marriages, genetic risk, and Muslim communities