Research Centre Staff

Stuart Semple - Oct 2013

Stuart Semple (Director)
Primate behaviour, welfare, and conservation. Combining approaches from biological anthropology with those from psychology, social anthropology and quantitative linguistics to explore primate communication

Nadine Beckman

Nadine Beckmann
HIV/AIDS; antiretroviral treatment; sexuality; reproduction. The intersections of sexuality, illness and wellbeing, biomedicine and alternative forms of addressing illness and reproductive health, biopolitics, health activism and the anthropology of health interventions.


Colette Berbesque
Hunter-gatherer diets and evolution of the hominin diet. Ecology and behaviour of contemporary hunter-gatherers. Archaeological visibility of behaviour.

James Davies

James Davies
Psychiatric anthropology, psychological anthropology, psychoanalysis and the anthropology of pharmaceuticals. Exploring the interface between culture, society and the mental lives of groups and individuals.

Julie Lehmann - Oct 2013

Julia Lehmann
Evolution of mammalian sociality; inter- and intra-species social relationships; primate social complexity/dynamics; the social brain; effects of social network position on behaviour, health, reproduction and survival.

Ann MacLarnon

Ann MacLarnon
Behavioural endocrinology, including stress and reproductive hormones, and various other aspects of palaeoanthropology and mammalian biology including the evolution of human speech and breathing, the primate brain and spinal cord and mammalian reproductive life histories.

Garry Marvin

Garry Marvin
Human/animal relationships including, but not limited to bullfighting, cockfighting, and zoos.

istvan new

Istvan Praet
Animism; astrobiology . Anthropological perspectives on the question of life; the interface between the animate and the artificial, between what is alive and what is dead.

todd new

Todd C. Rae
Craniofacial pneumatization in mammals, particularly primates; Primate evolution and palaeontology; theory and method of phylogenetic analysis and hominin craniofacial adaptation.

caroline new

Caroline Ross
Primate socioecology and human-wildlife conflict with particular interest in the evolution of reproduction and life history strategies in primates.


Jonathan Skinner
Tourism; heritage; social dance; ageing; arts health. Interviewing skills and qualitative research methods. Fieldwork in the Eastern Caribbean on the island of Montserrat (tourism and trauma, colonial relations and disaster recovery) and in the US/UK (social dancing, arts health, contested heritage)