Student Members (Doctoral students)

buck new

Laura Buck
Paleoantropology, Craniofacial morphology. Studying the differences in Late Pleistocene hominin craniofacial morphologies and their correlates using recent advances in imaging and shape analysis techniques.

charlotte carne new

Charlotte Carne
Using modelling approaches to address questions related to primate conservation. Exploring factors currently restricting the range of the orangutan, and probable impact of climate change on future distribution patterns.

Laetitia Marechal

Laëtitia Maréchal
Primatology/Anthropology, Socio-Ecology, Endocrinology and Conservation Biology. I am particularly interested in the application of interdisciplinary methods for understanding human/wildlife interactions

paddy new

Patrick Tkacynski
Identifying dimensions of individual personalities in wild, adult Barbary macaques in association with a specific neuroendocrine process, namely reactive stress response, and its reproductive and social success outcomes,

Aleksander Trajce

Alexander Trajce
Interrelationships and conflicts between large carnivores (wolves, bears & lynx) and various groups of people who share the landscape of these species in the south- west Balkan peninsula.

Past Doctoral Students

Neinke Alberts
Adrian Barnett
Emily Bethel
Lauren Brent,
Barbara Daffner
James Higham
David Inglis
Emily Lodge
Ymke Warren,
Anneke van Heteren