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Forthcoming 29-31 March 2017
Terror on Tour: Borders, Detours & Contingencies

An Interdisciplinary Colloquium @ University of Innsbruck, Austria, in conjunction with CRFAC.

Keynote speakers: Gargi Bhattacharyya (University of East London) & Gene Ray (Radical Culture Research Collective).

After successful interventions at the University of Roehampton (2015) and the University of Chichester (2016), the Terror on Tour colloquium crosses physical, conceptual, and disciplinary borders once again for a three-day symposium at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Continuing the critical conversation around the conjunctions of terrorism and tourism, Terror on Tour 2017 will specifically address the status of borders and (terrorist) border-crossings, terror/touring going ‘off-piste’/going awry, and the contingencies of travelling at the present historical juncture.

While the fear of terror attacks may have contributed to the Brexit vote in June 2016, ISIS was instantly reported to be rejoicing at the UK’s decision. As the mobile sections of British society are left wondering about the(ir) future of travel, far-right parties across Europe are pressing for closed borders. How do state terror and insurgency affect the current re-drawing and fortification of borders across Europe, and globally? What modes of alternative travel, radical tours, and detours can serve to counter the detrimental aspects of the technologies of security established around travelling (racial profiling, the hazards of ‘flying while brown’ etc.)? What are (the limits of) our roles as academics and artists in view of the current geopolitical conjunctions of terrorism and tourism? Beyond these and related questions, the symposium seeks to explore cultural, artistic, literary, filmic, theatrical, and performative iterations and representations of escape routes and confinement surrounding the current migration ‘crisis’, the horrors and terrors of 19th-century travels (the Grand Tour, colonial endeavours etc.), counter-cultural tours (e.g. of Israel/Palestine), alternative mappings of urban spaces, the testimonies of returning ISIS fighters, the current dispute over border-free travel in the Schengen Area, dark tourism and ‘black sites’, (in)appropriate tourist behaviour surrounding lieux de mémoire.

Please direct any enquiries to Paul Antick.


Forthcoming 16 June 2017
Love Across the Atlantic: An Interdisciplinary Conference on US-UK Romance

Organised in conjunction with New College, University of Alabama

Keynote Speakers: Professors Karen Randell & Alexis Weedon, University of Bedfordshire

In 1946 when Winston Churchill referred to the ‘special relationship’ between the USA and Britain in his ‘Sinews of Peace’ address, he was referring to the close political, economic, and military alliance between the two nations - a relationship that had become especially entwined and enhanced in the second world war, but which has a much longer history preceding this. Alongside and throughout the cultural history of this alliance there have always existed US-UK ‘special relationships’ of another kind – love affairs carried out across the expanse of the Atlantic, as British and American citizens have flirted, courted and fallen in love, with one another but often too with the idea(l) of that other place across the ocean. US-UK love affairs have thus proven to be a mainstay of romantic narratives for generations, shared across film, television, literature and all the arts. This interdisciplinary conference will be dedicated to exploring some of the history, manifestations and enduring appeal of these relationships: what are the economic and ideological factors that have fuelled this romantic framework; what have been its recurrent tropes across disciplinary, national and temporal boundaries; and how does the notion of ‘love across the Atlantic’ speak to our collective fantasies of home, desire, escape and identity?

Please direct any enquiries to Deborah Jermyn.



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