Research networks


Media and the Inner World

Media and the Inner World  (MiW) is a research network funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and is jointly run by its Directors, Dr. Caroline Bainbridge (Reader in Visual Culture, Roehampton) and Dr. Candida Yates (Reader in Psychosocial Studies, University of East London). MiW brings together academics, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists and media practitioners with the aim of exploring the place of emotion and therapy in popular culture.

The network reaches outside the realm of the University in order to provide new spaces for dialogue, discussion and knowledge exchange through our public events, CPD and short courses and research publications. A central aim of the network as a scholarly project is to develop a ‘psycho-cultural’ approach to the study of media, culture and the unconscious that combines theories and methods from psychoanalytic and psychosocial studies with those from media and cultural studies.

The network was launched in March 2009 with a symposium at University of Roehampton, which included speakers from the spheres of academia, psychotherapy and media (Prof. Valerie Walkerdine, Prof. Robert Young, Prof. Michael Rustin, Margaret Walters, David Aaronovitch and Brett Kahr). Since then, MiW has organised a number of events in the form of round table discussions for public debate, bringing together familiar names to discuss a wide range of topics ranging from ‘The Reparative Work of Radio’ and ‘Paranoia and Television’ to ‘Taste and Hunger in the Media’ and ‘Advertising, Disappointment and Desire’.

The network also held a major international conference on the theme of ‘Psychoanalysis and Television’ in partnership with The Freud Museum in October 2010 and a symposium at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in February 2011 on the theme of ‘Psychoanalysis and Popular Culture’, where speakers from the spheres of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, academia and the media included Michael Brearley, Jon Adlam, Carol Leader, Suzanne Moore, Krishnan Guru-Murphy, Jeremy Gilbert and John Storey.

In 2012, MiW received AHRC follow-on funding to further develop its impact and reach within the spheres of media, psychotherapy and the academy by holding a number of public events, CPD and short courses and also developing publications in order to foreground a new psycho-cultural approach to media and popular culture.

Media Across Borders

The Media Across Borders network was set up to interrogate the myriad ways in which media content is translated and adapted across borders. What happened, for example, when the UK TV series The Office was reworked for French audiences as Le Bureau? Or when Vishal Bhardwaj adapted Othello in the Bollywood musical Omkara? Or when the Tomb Raider video game had to be altered for the Japanese market? The practice of adapting media content across borders is spreading. This network seeks to explore the broader significance of this growth in cultural translation within the creative industries.

To do this and to illuminate processes of content adaptation in the film, television, and video game industries – across geographical borders and media platforms – the network aims to bring together media scholars and professionals working in the field of media localisation. Our objective is to establish a lasting space for knowledge transfer that benefits both entrepreneurship in the British creative industries and scholars working in the field. We aim for a prolific exchange of research findings and practical experience and to develop a knowledge database and the skills needed to sustain Europe’s strong position in media adaptation. Topics the network is interested in include:

  • The globalisation of television formats
  • Localising Video Games for the world
  • Film adaptation across national borders
  • Re-versioning: Documentaries for the world
  • Managing cross-cultural products
  • Adaptation across media platforms
  • Building global brands
  • Regionalization in marketing campaigns
  • Localisation through paratexts
  • The influence of cultural policy and censorship
  • Fandom across borders
  • Amateur subtitling and dubbing

The Media Across Borders is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC) as part of the Translating Cultures programme and is affiliated with CRFAC and with the Centre for Research in Translation and Transcultural Studies (CRTTS) at Roehampton.