Research Seminars


Members’ work-in-progress sessions, autumn:
October 12 – Chris Darke, on Chris Marker and La Jetée
November 2 – Paul Sutton, on television and discourses of care
December 7 – TBC

November 16, 6pm, in conjunction with DSRC:
Film screening and presentation by filmmaker Nina Danino of Communion (2010), with respondent Prof Caroline Bainbridge.

January 25, time TBC, in conjunction with CRTTS and HRC:
‘Woody’s Spanish ‘Double’: Vocal Performance, Ventriloquism and the Sound of Dubbing’, Dr Tom Whittaker, University of Liverpool.


Spring/Summer 2015

February 4 – QB249
‘Inventing with the difference: cinema and human rights in the school’
Cezar Miglorin, Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) Rio de Janeiro (Visiting Scholar, CRFAC)

February 18 Du004
Media Masterclass with Amir Amirani. exclusive preview of Amir Amirani's feature documentary We Are Many, ahead of its 2015 Sundance Film Festival premiere.-

March 4 – QB249
‘Race is everywhere
Ben Pitcher, University of Westminster

March 18 – Du004
Media Masterclass with Stuart Urban
Director of Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead (2007) and May I Kill U? (2012) as well as TV series Bergerac (BBC, 1981 – 1991) and Our Friends in the North (BBC, 1996)

April 29 – Du004
Media Masterclass with Paolo Mitton
With screening of The Repairman (Paolo Mitton, Italy/UK, 2013)

May 27 – QB249
‘Sex as Evacuation and Steve McQueen’s Shame (2011)’
Noreen Giffney, University College Dublin


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