Research Centre Members


Elias Tsakanikos

Dr Elias Tsakanikos
Personality and psychopathology; individual differences in synaesthesia; traits of atypical development; health service research

Professor Michael Eysenck
Cognitive factors in anxiety; memory functioning and attentional mechanisms; personality and mood; modular approaches to trait anxiety 

Staff Members

Dr Gina Pauli
Individual differences in complex cognitive skill acquisition; measurement in course evaluation; advanced statistics

Dr Amanda Holmes
Individual differences in perception and encoding of emotional information in relationship to anxiety and depression

James Macdonald

Dr James Macdonald
Human EEG activity; individual differences in motion perception and patterns of neural activity 

Lance Slade - Oct 2013

Dr Lance Slade
Individual differences in attachment styles and Theory of Mind; autistic-like traits in non-clinical population 

Dr Andres Fonseca
Individual differences and gamification; development of iPhone and iPad Apps for management of mental health conditions  

Research Students


Sharon Charabi
Perceptual biases and schizotypy

Mark Hardaker
Narcissistic personality characteristics and cognitive biases

Monique Vickers
The role of traumatic experiences on the emotional content of laboratory-induced false perceptions (experimental analogue of hallucinations)

Katere Pourseied
Emotion regulation and levels of social anxiety in children