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Earliest image of Chartist rally uncovered in Luibrary of Congress

The oldest known drawing of a Chartist rally has been uncovered by RIN member Ian Haywood, after lying untouched in a sketchbook in the US Library of Congress for more than 175 years. The pen-and-ink sketch from 1839 by English man Richard Doyle shows dozens of supporters being strong-armed by the Metropolitan Police who broke up the event. Officers were sent to the Bull Ring in Birmingham by the Government to bring an otherwise peaceful event in favour of political reform and social justice under control. For more information and to see the drawing on the RIN blog click here

Upcoming Events and Conferences

Call for Papers: 'Romantic Voices, 1760-1840' The Early Career and Postgraduate Conference for the British Association for Romantic Studies, 22-23 June 2016, Radcliffe Humanities Building, Oxford, in association with Torch, the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities

Although the meditative insights of the "Great Romantic Lyric" have often been considered to be the voice of Romanticism, this conference will also explore and uncover different types of voices in Romantic literature, ranging from the loud chatter emanating from coteries and coffee-houses, to the marginalised voices of the disabled and dispossessed. It will understand'voice' from a variety of perspectives: as the sound of communication; as the oral and written word; as a mode that anticipates an audience, even if only that of an internal listener; as the fashioning of the self, and the forming of communal identities; as a tool for disseminating knowledge and political opinions publicly and privately. We invite proposals for themed panels, as well as proposals for the traditional individual twenty-minute paper. Applicants might reflect on some of the following areas, though we also encourage you to interpret the theme more widely:

  • The self-constructed image of the poet as Bard
  • The lyric form
  • Dissenting voices
  • The rise of the periodical press
  • Voicing national and regional identities
  • Disjunctions between the oral, written, and published word
  • The politics of conversation and debate
  • Forums of exchange – from intimate and close-knit communities to literary salons and public institutions
  • Literary inheritance – the interplay between first- and second-generation Romantics, the impact of eighteenth-century voices on Romanticism, and the afterlife of Romantic thought
  • Non-linguistic modes of communication, and their relation to aesthetics, sensibility, morality, and politics
  • Reform debates and the relationship between literary and political representation
  • Narrative voice

Romanticism, Reaction and Revolution: British Views on Spain, 1814-1823

The Anglo-Hispanic Horizons network will host an international, two-day conference, Romanticism, Reaction and Revolution: British Views on Spain, 1814-1823 at the University of Oviedo, Spain, 25-26 June 2015. Details of the conference can be found here and a full programme here.

'The Imprint of Romantic Illustration'

The Romantic Illustration Network will sponsor a panel entitled 'The Imprint of Romantic Illustration' at the 2015 British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS) conference in Cardiff on Friday, 17 July 2015.

The Darwins Reconsidered: Evolution, Writing & Inheritance in the Works of Erasmus and Charles Darwin

This one-day symposium will be hosted at the University of Roehampton on 4 September 2015. Full details, including information on how to register, can be found here.

Research seminar programme

The Centre for Research in Romanticism is well represented in the Research Seminar Programme run by the Department of English and Creative Writing. Speakers from the Centre join academics from other institutions to produce a vibrant programme guaranteed to stimulate discussion and further research.

Recent seminars include:

'Socialism, Stories and Space: 1884-1914' Deborah Mutch, De Montfort University, 25 February 2015

'The Moravian William Blake: controversies and problems' Susan Matthews and John Seed, University of Roehampton, 19 November 2014

Brian Maidment

Brian Maidment (Liverpool John Moores) 'Picturing Progress - The "March of Intellect" and the Caricaturists 1820-1850' 5th December 2012


Ian Haywood

Ian Haywood (Roehampton), 'Romanticism & Caricature' 28th November 2012


Jane Darcy (University College London), 'Haunted by Memories: The Language of Melancholy and Depression in 1800'. 24th October 2012


Neil Howe

Neil Howe (Nottingham), 'Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire and the 1784 Westminster Election: The Caricaturist's Response' 21st November 2012


From Peace and Freedom

Brycchan Carey (Kingston), '"The Grief of Divers Friends": Quaker Rhetoric and the Origins of the Transatlantic Antislavery Movement' October 17th 2012


Phillipa Simpson

Phillipa Simpson (National Maritime Museum), 'Taking Blake to Moscow.'
14 March 2012



Amida Azada (Roehampton), '"To Study Household Good": Issues in Childbirth, Health and Reproduction in Women's Conduct Writing and Novels, 1787-1818.'
8 February 2012


Carl Thompson

Carl Thompson (Nottingham Trent), 'Shipwreck, Sentiment and Sensation: Tracking the 1786 Wreck of the Halsewell Through Print, Visual and Material Culture.'
16 November 2011


David Fallon

David Fallon (St Anne's, Oxford), 'Shelley, Peacock and the Hookham's Circulating Library and Bookshop.' 26 October 2011


For further details on past research seminars please see here.

Ian Haywood Gordon Riots Ian Haywood lectured on the Gordon Riots at the Museum of London on 11 March 2013
  On 23 March 2013 Ian Haywood spoke about Images of Terror in The Farmer’s Boy to the Robert Bloomfield Society, Nottingham Trent University
 Tibet on the Banks of the Clyde On 19 August 2010, Kate Teltscher contributed to a broadcast entitled Tibet on the Banks of the Clyde on BBC Radio 3 Twenty Minutes