Research students

The Centre for Romanticism is home to a vibrant student research community with diverse research interests.

Alice Kolandjian
Alice is working on women writers from the Romantic period who challenged stereotypes by utlizing the Classics, particularly the works of Ovid and Apuleius, to tailor their own versions of myths. Her work focuses on Mary Robinson’s Sappho and Phaon (1796), Mary Tighe’s Cupid and Psyche (1805), and Mary Shelley’s Proserpine (1820).

Jon Turner
Jon has joined the Centre (October 2013) to work on the representation of time and time-pieces in eighteenth-century literature.

Phil Vellender
Phil is working on the relationship between politics and poetic metre in the works of Shelley.

Karen Williams
Karen’s PhD research is entitled ‘Humour in Children’s Literature 1800-1840’.

The following Research Students have completed their PhDs in the following areas:

  • Samantha Tomasetto, ‘The Spectator and Spectators in Europe: Addison and Steele, Marivaux and Gozzi’ (2011)
  • Elissa de Falco, ‘Defoe’s Pirates: Narrative, History and Representation’ (2007)