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Research degrees in English literature 1700-1840

The Centre for Research in Romanticism welcomes applications to study for PhDs in all aspects of Romantic period literature (1780-1840) and many aspects of eighteenth-century literature.

In the Romantic period we have expertise in major authors including Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Keats, the Shelleys, Clare, Scott and Austen. We have more distinctive specialisms in the following areas: radicalism, feminism, gender,sensibility, spectacle and the visual, literature and botany, literary London, publishing and periodicals, Freemasonry, literary forgery, India, Empire and travel, classicism, medievalism, and the Gothic(k).

In most cases we trace these issues well back into the eighteenth century, where we also have expertise in book, library and archive history, illustration, historical fiction and drama, periodicals, publishing history, and the history of ideas. We also trace the development of these themes into the mid nineteenth-century.

Many members of the Centre are also members of the Publishing and Book History Research Group and the Popular Literature and Culture Research Group. 

We work closely with major collections including Chawton House Library, the British Library, the British Museum, House of Illustration, the National Portrait Gallery and the National Trust. Members serve as consultants for museums, libraries and archives; historical novelists; and digital humanities projects.


Recent PhD topics have included: Shelley’s publishers in 1819; Defoe and piracy; The Spectator and Spectators in Europe; anxieties of childbirth in the Romantic female novel; The Indian landscape print; revolutionary politics in Shelley’s prose.

For further information see our Research Degrees page, or contact Ian Haywood.


Funding opportunities

The Department of English and Creative Writing offers funding through its participation in TECHNE, subject to competition. Please contact us to ask about these opportunities.