I-Thrive, 2016-2018

Originally developed by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust and the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, THRIVE is a person-centred model of mental health support for children and young people which focuses on the needs and preferences of the clients and their families.  

The CREST team will be evaluating the implementation of THRIVE through the i-THRIVE programme at NELFT (North East London Foundation Trust). 

Led by a team which includes Professor Mick Cooper, Dr Jacqueline Hayes and Dr Hilary Bruffell, the objective of the study is to assess how well the implementation programme is working, and how effectively it can be rolled out to other CAMHS locations. 

Taking a mixed methods approach incorporating semi-structured interviews, focus groups, ethnographic observation and quantitative data, the evaluation team is assessing barriers and facilitators to implementing i-THRIVE; identifying which aspects of the programme are successful and unsuccessful, and assessing if practice adheres to the THRIVE model and principles. The study will also review if real time preference data influence decision making and in what ways the i-THRIVE implementation programme might be improved. 

The evaluation is due to conclude in September 2018.