Research Centre Members


Professor Lucile Desblache
Lucile Desblache is Professor of Translation and Transcultural Studies. Lucile is the Editor of JoSTrans, The Journal of Specialised Translation. Her research interests are Music and Translation, and Animal Studies. She is the principal investigator of the AHRC-funded project 'Translating Music'.

Steering committee

Dr Miguel Á Bernal-Merino
Dr Á Bernal-Merino is Senior Lecturer in Translation. His main area of research is videogame localisation. He is the coordinator of the 'Game Localisation Round Table series' within the Localisation World Conference and acts as a consultant for the 'Localisation Summit' within the Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Dr Karine Chevalier
Dr Chevalier is Senior Lecturer in French. Karine works in francophone literature, cinema and postcolonial studies. Her research focuses on what cinema can reveal about masks, and what masks reveal about cinema. She is also a filmmaker (Behind the scenes/Les Arcanes de l'Institut Français du Royaume-Uni; Lost tango. Winner of first feature film award, 2011 Swansea Bay Film Festival. She runs a cultural blog for the weekly French magazine L'Express.

Dr Dionysios Kapsaskis
Dr Kapsaskis is Senior Lecturer in French and Translation and course leader of the taught PG programmes since Oct. 2014. Dionysios' main research interests are in audiovisual translation theories and didactics, literary theory, and 20th-century French fiction.

Dr Bruno Levasseur
Dr Levasseur is Lecturer in French and researches representation of the banlieues. He is the coordinator of an archives project on the Cité des 4000, La Courneuve.

Dr Serenella Massidda
Dr Massidda is a professional translator and subtitler and a member of ESIST (European Association for Studies in Screen Translation) and EST (European Society for Translation Studies). She is a certified OOONA Tools Instructor and has been running Professional Courses on Cloud-based Toolkits for Subtitlers and on Open Source Tools for Subtitlers at CentraS (UCL) for over three years. Serenella’s research interests range from AVT, cloud subtitling and fansubbing to augmented/virtual/mixed reality and subtitling technology and quality.

Inma Pedregosa
Inma is the secretary of the Centre. She is Lecturer in Spanish and a practicing translator, interpreter and subtitler. Her research area is in translation and language learning, with particular interest in new media.

Dr Cécile Renaud
Dr Renaud is  Lecturer in French. She researches the reception of French films in the UK.

Dr Pablo Romero Fresco
Dr Romero Fresco is Reader in Translation. His main research focuses on speech recognition technology and accessibility to the media. He is also a documentary filmmaker: Joining the Dots (2012); Brothers and Sisters (2012); Joel (2013).

Andy Walker
Andy Walker is  Senior Lecturer in Translation Technology and a practicing translator. His research area is in e-learning, localisation, translation technology training, and interactions between human and machine translation.

Other Roehampton members and their research areas

Vicens Colomer Dominguez, Senior Lecturer in Spanish: Second/Foreign language acqusition, Language Identity and Sociocultural Competence.
Dr Eva EpplerReader in Linguistics and Sociolinguistics.
Professor Mark JaryProfessor in Linguistics: Relevance theory, semantics and pragmatics.
Dr Gillian Lathey, The National Centre for Research in Children's Literature, The translation of children's literature.
Lourdes Melción, Director of the Centre for Language Studies: Terminology and lexicography.
Garry Marvin, Professor of Anthropology: Animal studies, cultural translation.
Sabela Melchor-Couto, Lecturer in Spanish: CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning).

Current research students

Lin Chen (2013 -  ) "Subtitling Culture in Chinese Films: Exploring the Effect of the English Subtitles of Chinese Films on Audiences"

Kate Dangerfield (2015 - ) "Beyond Sound and Image: How can accessible filmmaking be developed through the engagement and participation of people with Dual Sensory Impairments?"

Zoe Moore (2015 -  ) "Subtitling Live Events Through Respeaking – Increasing Accessibility For All"

Jingyue Zhang (2014 -  ) "Politeness in Interlingual Subtitling: theories and applications in the English-Chinese language pair"

External members and their research areas

Dr Łucja Biel, University of Gdańsk, Legal translation
Professor Louise Brunette, Université du Québec en Outaouais, Revision and translation.
Professor Frederic Chaume, Universitat Jaume I, Spain, Audiovisual translation, dubbing.
Dr Marcella De Marco, London Metropolitan University, Audiovisual translation.
Dr Elena di Giovanni, University of Macerata Media translation, translation for children.
Dr Jorge Diaz Cintas, University College London, Audiovisual translation.
Dr Jean-Paul Engélibert, Professor in Comparative Literature and Translation, Université Michel-de-Montaigne Bordeaux.
Dr Jan-Louis Kruger, North-West University, Vaal Triangle Campus, South Africa, Subtitling and media translation.
Dr Joselia Neves, Instituto Politecnico de Leiria, Portugal, Audiovisual translation, accessibility.
Professor Alicia Puleo, University of Valladolid, Spain, Animal philosophy, eco-feminism and animal studies
Professor Aline Remael Hoger, Instituut voor Vertalers en Tolken, Artesis University, Antwerp, Media translation and accessibility.
Professor Teo Sanz, University of Burgos, Spain, Ecology and comparative literature.
Dr Vilelmini Sosoni,Ionian University, Corfu, Greece, Institutional translation.

Members  of non academic institutions and industry

Elleston Kajiwara-Airey, Project manager and Cultural mediator (London/Tokyo)
Alexey Kozoulyaev,  RuFilms, Center of Audiovisual Translation Education (Russia). 
Dr Yota Georgakopoulou, Deluxe Media
Dr Manuella Perteghella,  The Creative Literary Studio, UK
Dr Angeliki Petrits,  Directorate General for Translation, European Commission