Research Student in the Centre for Research in Translation and Transcultural Studies

Research Opportunities

The Centre for Research in Translation and Transcultural Studies welcomes applications from prospective research students (MPhil and PhD) in the areas of:

  • Translation Studies (especially audiovisual translation: subtitling, dubbing and other areas of media translation)
  • Accessibility to the media 
  • Postcolonial and cultural studies
  • Animal studies
  • Comparative literature, particularly in the contemporary era.

Current research students

Linda Lapini (2019-) "Quality of interlingual subtitling in the streaming era: Social, process and product quality" 

Irene Artegiani (2017- ) "Quality in the production of subtitles: a workplace study into technology and processes"

Joshua Branson (2018- ) "Putting the accessibe flimmaking model inot practice: an exploration of media accessibility and translation as a collaborative process"

Hayley Dawson (2016- ) "Interlingual live subtitles as a means to improve access for foreign and deaf-and hard-of-hearing audiences"

Kate Dangerfield (2015 - ) "Beyond sound and image: How can accessible filmmaking be developed through the engagement and participation of people with Dual Sensory Impairments?"

Zoe Moores (2015 - ) "Subtitling Live Events Through Respeaking – Increasing Accessibility For All"

Jingyue Zhang (2014 - ) "Politeness in Interlingual Subtitling: theories and applications in the English-Chinese language pair"

For general PhD enquiries, please contact Dr Miguel Á Bernal-Merino.

Past research students who completed their PhD at Roehampton

Lin Chen (2018) Subtitling Culture in Chinese Films: Exploring the Effect of the English Subtitles of Chinese Films on Audiences

Miguel Bernal (2013) Videogame localisation (completed at Imperial College)

Marcella de Marco (2008) Gender and translation 

Joselia Neves (2005) Subtitling for the D/deaf and hard of hearing 

Soledad Zarate (2008) Subtitling for children (completed at UCL)

Doctoral grants

TECHNE doctoral research training partnership grant (2019-2024)

Studentships are available at the University of Roehampton through the TECHNE Doctoral Training Partnership.

Further details about the scheme, together with all relevant forms and guidance notes can be found on the Roehampton TECHNE website: Here and on the Brighton TECHNE website: Here

General information about scholarships can be found here