Molly Scott Cato - recent news appearances

  • Friday, March 4, 2022

Molly Scott Cato is a Professor of Green Economics in the Business School.

Below are a list of Molly's recent media ‘appearances’ selected since November 2021.

'What is climate finance and why it is so important?' 10.11.2021. Available at: []

'Energy crisis deepens: UK's EV plan in disarray as 'number of issues' hamstring rollout' 20.2.2022. Available at: []

'Polluters face price pain as global carbon trading system moves forward'. 20.11.2021. Avaliable at:[]

'Brexit decisions left firms paying 10% more than EU rivals for emissions'. Guardian. 9.1.2022. Available at: []

'Health at COP26: meaningful progress or watered down promises?' 21.12.2021. Available at; []

'UK energy crisis fears soar as prices 'will rise 100 percent more' under green plans' 21.2.2022.Available at: []