Research environment

The Centre’s research activities take place in custom built and newly equipped psychophysiological, cognitive neuroscience, developmental, neuropsychological, and nutritional laboratories. Members of the Centre also share facilities provided by the Department’s bioscience and physiology laboratories. For field research we have a range of ambulatory testing equipment, and a comprehensive psychological test library.

The Director of the Clinical and Health Psychology Research Centre is Dr Leigh Gibson.

Dr Leigh Gibson, Director, CHP


Current projects.

Dr Leigh Gibson appears in a new video produced by Abbott Laboratories called ‘The Power Of Taste’. The Power of Taste’ is an e-learning resource for health professionals providing insights into the science behind the sense of taste. In the video Dr Gibson discusses how new understandings about taste have led to beneficial outcomes in interventions for the management of malnutrition. 'The Power of Taste' video is endorsed by the British Dietetic Association for CPD training and has has been viewed by more than 1200 visitors since published in 2014.

Live Science at the Science Museum

A team of University of Roehampton researchers, led by Dr Leigh Gibson, is collecting data from visitors to the Science Museum, on the topic of “How much do you like to eat?”.  Information on when and where this is happening, and who can take part, can be found here:


'Live Science' at the Science Museum, Sept 2015.  Details on the project can be accessed here:


Protein drink study

We are working with a food ingredients company to investigate whether a dietary protein supplement can improve mental performance in tests of memory and attention, hand–eye coordination and sensitivity to emotional expressions.

Current research topics

Does remembering the past affect people's quality of life?

In what way is therapy effective for survivors of domestic violence?

Is surgical intervention (endoscopic transthoracic sympathectomy) an appropriate treatment for chronic fear of blushing?

Can viable metacognitive models and therapies for addictive behaviours be developed?

Appetising effect of sweetening a high-fat food: a role for gut hormones?

How do cultural and individual factors interact to influence young people’s sexual choices which might put them at risk of teenage pregnancy?