Research Centre Publications

A selection of relevant publications from current or recent members of the Centre

Ammaturo, Francesca Romana (2016) ‘Intersexuality and the “Right to Bodily Integrity”: Critical Reflection on Female Genital Cutting, Circumcision and “Intersex Normalising Surgeries” in Europe’ in Social and Legal Studies 25, 5, 591-610

Ammaturo, Francesca Romana (2017) European Sexual Citizenship: Human Rights, Bodies and Identities Palgrave

Ammaturo, Francesca Romana (2018) ‘The Council of Europe and the Creation of LGBT Identities through Language and Discourse: A Critical Analysis of Case Law and Institutional Practices’ in International Journal of Human Rights

Beattie, Tina (2008) ‘”Justice enacted not these human laws (Antigone)”: Religion, Natural Law and Women’s Rights’ in Religion and Human Rights, 3, 249-67

Geva, Maayan (2016) Law, Politics and Violence in Israel/Palestine Palgrave

Gearon, Liam (2002) Human Rights and Religion: A Reader Sussex University Press

Gearon, Liam (2003) The Human Rights Handbook: A Global Perspective for Education Stylus Publishing

Gearon, Liam (2006) Freedom of Expression and Human Rights: Historical, Literary and Political Contexts Sussex University Press

Gilbert, Jeremie (2016) Indigenous Peoples’ Land Rights under International Law: From Victims to Actors Brill

Gilbert, Jeremie (2018) Natural Resources and Human Rights: An Appraisal Oxford University Press

Gill, Aisha K. and Anitha, Sundari (2011) Forced Marriage: Introducing a Social Justice and Human Rights Perspective Zed Books

Gill, Aisha K. (2014) ‘All They Think About is Honour: The Murder of Shafilea Ahmed’ in Gill, A., Roberts, K., Strange, C. (eds) ‘Honour’ Killing and Violence: Theory, Policy and Practice, Palgrave

Hynes, Patricia, Lamb, Michele, Short, Damien and Waites, Matthew (eds) (2011) Sociology and Human Rights: New Engagements Routledge

Kent, Gregory (2005) Framing War and Genocide: British Policy and News Media Reaction to the War in Bosnia Hampton Press

Lamb, Michele (2008) ‘A Culture of Human Rights: Transforming Policing in Northern Ireland’ in Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice 2, 386-93

Lamb, Michele (2010) ‘Loyalty and Human Rights: Liminality and Social Action in a Divided Society’ in International Journal of Human Rights 14, 994-1012

Melvin, Jennifer (2010) ‘Reconstructing Rwanda: Balancing Human Rights and the Promotion of National Reconciliation’ in International Journal of Human Rights 14, 932-51

Melvin, Jennifer (2015) Reconciling Rwanda: Unity, Nationality and State Control   Institute of Commonwealth Studies

Mooney, Annabelle (2014) Human Rights and the Body: Hidden in Plain Sight Routledge

O’Byrne, Darren J. (2003) Human Rights: An Introduction Longman-Prentice Hall

O’Byrne, Darren J. (2012) ‘Re-Imagining the Theory of Human Rights’ in International Journal of Human Rights 16, 1078-93

O’Byrne, Darren J. (2012) ‘On the Sociology of Human Rights: Theorizing the Language-Structure of Rights’ in Sociology 46, 829-43

O’Byrne, Darren J. (2015) Human Rights in a Globalizing World Palgrave

O’Byrne, Darren J. (2019) ‘Marxism and Human Rights: New Thoughts on an Old Debate’ in International Journal of Human Rights

Shaw, Martin (2003) War and Genocide: Organized Killing in Modern Society Polity Press

Shaw, Martin (2006) What is Genocide? A New Social Theory Polity Press

Shaw, Martin (2013) Genocide and International Relations: Changing Patterns in the Transitions of the Late Modern World Cambridge University Press

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