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Melvin, Jennifer (2015). Reconciling Rwanda: Unity, Nationality and State Control.

O'Byrne, D (2015). Human Rights in a Globalizing World.

A selection of our publications

  • Ammaturo, Francesca (2014). The Right to a Privilege? Homonormativity and the Recognition of Same-sex Couples in Europe, Social and Legal Studies 23(2): 175-194.
  • Ammaturo, Francesca (2014). Il Divorzio Imposto per le Persone Transgender nella Giurisprudenza della Corte Europea dei Diritti dell'Uomo: I Profili Socio-Giuridici di 'H. contro Finlandia', GEnJus1(1):108-114.
  • Ammaturo, Francesca (2015). The 'Pink Agenda': questioning and challenging European Homonationalist Sexual Citizenship. Sociology, DOI: 0038038514559324.
  • Ammaturo, Francesca (2015). Spaces of Pride: a Visual Ethnography of Gay Pride Parades in Italy and the United Kingdom. Social Movements Studies: Journal of Social, Cultural and Political Protest, DOI: 10.1080/14742837.2015.1060156
  • Beattie, Tina (2015). 'Dignity Beyond Rights', Australian eJournal of Theology
  • Beattie, Tina (2014). 'Whose Rights, Which Rights? – The United Nations, the Vatican, Gender and Sexual and Reproductive Rights', Heythrop Journal, Vol. 55, Issue 6: pp. 979-1112
  • Beattie, Tina (2014). The Theological Study of Gender' in Adrian Thatcher (ed) The Oxford Handbook of the Study of Theology, Sexuality and Gender (Oxford: Oxford University Press)
  • Beattie, Tina (2013). 'The Vanishing Absolute and the Deconsecrated God – a theological reflection on revelation, law, and human dignity' in Christopher McCrudden (ed.) Understanding Human Dignity (London and Oxford: British Academy and Oxford University Press)
  • Beattie, Tina (2013). Theology after Postmodernity: Divining the Void – a Lacanian Reading of Thomas Aquinas (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press)
  • Beattie, Tina (2013). 'The End of "Woman" and the Ends of Women: A Reflection on Women's Rights in the Context of Catholicism and the Abortion Debate' in Niamh Reilly and Stacey Scriver (eds) Religion, Gender, and the Public Sphere, Routledge Studies in Religion series (London and New York: Routledge) 
  • Beattie, Tina (2010). 'Catholicism, Choice and Consciousness: A Feminist Theological Perspective on Abortion', International Journal of Public Theology, Vol. 4, No. 1: pp. 51-75
  • Beattie, Tina (2008). '"Justice enacted not these human laws" (Antigone): Religion, Natural Law and Women's Rights', Religion and Human Rights, Vol. 3, No. 3: pp. 249-267
  • Beattie, Tina (2008). 'From Rosaries to Rights – Towards an Integrated Catholicism' in Bernard Hoose, Julie Clague and Gerard Mannion (eds.) Moral Theology for the Twenty-First Century: Essays in Celebration of Kevin Kelly (London and New York: Continuum)
  • Beattie, Tina (2008). 'Humanae Vitae: nature, sex and reason in conflict', The Pastoral Review, July
  • Beattie, Tina (2006). 'Religious Reflections on the Death Penalty', review essay in Human Rights and Religion Vol. 1, No. 1: pp. 101-103 
  • Boyle, Katie (2014). 'Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Ireland: Models of Constitutionalisation', Irish Community Development Law Journal 3(1) 33-48 
  • Boyle, Katie (2015). Justiciability Mechanisms for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Northern Ireland as a Conflicted Democracy, in A. Divers, J. Miller (eds.), Justiciability of Human Rights Law in Domestic Jurisdictions (Springer International) 
  • Boyle, Katie A Human Rights Based Approach to Tackling Poverty, Scottish Human Rights Commission, available at  http://www.scottishhumanrights.com/news/latestnews/fairerscotland 
  • Boyle, Katie (2014). 'Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Ireland – Why the Constitution?', Human Rights in Ireland, 
  • Boyle, Katie (2013). 'An Explanation of the Legal Arguments for the Inclusion of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Irish Constitution', Constitutional Convention, Ireland
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  • Edwards, John (2011). "Group Rights to Compensation: Theory and Practice" Essex Human Rights Review  
  • Edwards, John (199). Collective Rights in the Liberal State"  Netherlands Quarterly of  Human Rights: 17.3
  • Garapich, Michal (2016). Breaking borders, changing structures - transnationalism of migrants from Poland as anti-state resistance. Social Identities: Journal for the study of race, nation and culture. Vol 22 issue 1
  • Garapich, Michal (2015). (with Stephen Drinkwater ) Migration Plans and Strategies of Recent Polish Migrants to England and Wales: Do They Have Any At All? Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol 41; issue 12
  • Garapich, Michal (2012). 'Homo sovieticus revisited - anti-institutionalism, alcohol and resistance among Polish homeless men in London'. International Migration; 2012 (in press)
  • Gill, Aisha K. and Anitha, Sundari (2011) Forced Marriage: Introducing a Social Justice and Human Rights Perspective Zed Books

Gill, Aisha K. (2014) 'All They Think About is Honour: The Murder of Shafilea Ahmed' in Gill, A., Roberts, K., Strange, C. (eds) 'Honour' Killing and Violence: Theory, Policy and Practice, Palgrave
  • Hoffler, Harriet (2009). "Indigenous Peoples: An Introduction to the Socio-Legal Framework with a Special Focus on the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People and South Asia", co-authored with Professor Javaid Rehman, European Yearbook of Minority Issues, Volume 8
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  • Lamb, Michele (2008) 'A Culture of Human Rights: Transforming Policing in Northern Ireland' in Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice 2, 386-93

  • Lamb, Michele (2010) 'Loyalty and Human Rights: Liminality and Social Action in a Divided Society' in International Journal of Human Rights 14, 994-1012
  • Melvin, Jennifer (2010) 'Reconstructing Rwanda: Balancing Human Rights and the Promotion of National Reconciliation' in International Journal of Human Rights 14, 932-51

  • Melvin, Jennifer (2011). Reconstructing Rwanda: Balancing Human Rights and the Promotion of National Reconciliation in Sociology and Human Rights: New Engagements, Routledge, London
  • Melvin, Jennifer (2015). Reconciling Rwanda: Unity, Nationality, and State Control, University of London Press, London
  • Mooney, Annabelle (2002). "Human Rights, Linguistics and the Law: The UK and Beyond", International Journal for the Semiotics of Law 15: 389–39.
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  • Power, Nina (2015). Ludwig Feuerbach: Atheism as Historical Destiny, Religion and European Philosophy: Key Thinkers from Kant to the Present (Routledge)
  • Power, Nina (2015). "Reading Transdisciplinarily: Sartre and Althusser", Osborne, Alliez and Sandford, eds, special issue of Theory, Culture & Society, on Transdisciplinary Problematics.
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  • Sehgal, Raj (2007) The Marxian Technological-Fix' in Modern Philosophy Issue 6
  • Shaw, Martin (2003) War and Genocide: Organized Killing in Modern Society Polity Press

  • Shaw, Martin (2006) What is Genocide? A New Social Theory Polity Press

  • Shaw, Martin (2013) Genocide and International Relations: Changing Patterns in the Transitions of the Late Modern World Cambridge University Press

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