The DSRC was established to promote academic excellence through scholarly collaboration in the study of the Catholic tradition and its influences and contexts, and to foster dialogue between the University and the wider Catholic community. It provides an interdisciplinary research forum for those working in areas relevant to the study of Catholic Christianity - in its history, values and beliefs, texts and traditions, forms of cultural and religious expression, and social, religious and political interactions.

The Centre offers a flourishing research environment for the support of collaborative research and for developing links and networks with other academic organisations working in relevant areas. It also acts as an interface between the academic community and those involved in faith groups, NGOs and other relevant institutions - particularly those concerned with the promotion of human rights, social justice and care for the environment, inter-religious dialogue, the arts and education.

Furthermore, the DSRC contributes to the ethos of the University by representing the Catholic history and identity of Digby Stuart College in a spirit of dialogue and engagement with those of other cultures, traditions and world views, both religious and secular.

The DSRC has an active Facebook page which supports this site in providing further details on events and news concerning the centre and its members.

For further information about the centre or to discuss opportunities to study with us please contact Centre Director Tina Beattie


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Doctoral Research Opportunities

Members of the Digby Stuart Research Centre for Religion, Society and Human Flourishing (DSRC) have expertise in a wide range of issues relating to the study of religions and theology, with specialisms in Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. We can offer postgraduate supervision in a range of historical and contemporary approaches to theology and the study of religions, including:

  • Theological and literary approaches to scriptures and sacred texts in translation and in their original languages, including Arabic and Sanskrit (the Bible, the Qur’an and hadiths, Hindu textual traditions)
  • Theological ethics
  • Philosophical theology
  • Mythology
  • Medieval theology and philosophy (Christian and Islamic)
  • Jewish studies
  • Trinitarian and Jewish monotheism
  • Religion, gender and the role of women in Christianity, Islam and Hinduism
  • African theology
  • Theology of religions and inter-religious dialogue
  • Human rights, religion and theology
  • Theology and psychoanalytic theory
  • Feminist theology/theology and sexuality/queer theology
  • Mariology (in Christianity and Islam)
  • Mysticism and Spirituality (Christianity, Islam, Indian religions)
  • Religion, art and culture

PhD Scholarships

Every year AHRC Studentships are available through the TECHNE Doctoral Training Partnership. Each scholarship includes maintenance and fees for three years for a full-time student, or for five years for a part-time student. The TECHNE training programme is enhanced by input and placement opportunities provided by 13 partner organisations, including the Museum of London, the Barbican, the Natural History Museum, the British Film Institute, the Victoria & Albert Museum.  See information about subjects and possible supervisors (PDF) in the department. Completed application forms, along with supporting documentation, should be submitted to TECHNE@roehampton.ac.uk by midnight on the 29 January 2017. Please contact the Research Degrees Convener to discuss what supervision is available/eligibility and express your informal expression of interest to apply by 1 December 2016.