Research Groups

Members of the DSRC also take an active role in other research groups within the university. These include the following groups:

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Research Group in Sex, Gender and Sexuality
The Group brings together scholars and postgraduate students from across the University of Roehampton. Our members are involved in many academic and activist networks, as well as international collaborative research projects. They have published widely in the areas of sex, gender and sexuality and are regular presenters at national and international conferences. For further information click here.

Research Group in Ministerial Theology
Our purpose is to provide a supportive environment that fosters high quality research into all aspects of Christian Ministry. For further information click here.

Centre for Marian Studies
The Centre for Marian Studies is a registered charity whose object is the advancement of the education of the public in all matters regarding the Virgin Mary. It brings together scholars from across the academic spectrum with an interest in Marian doctrine or devotion. For further information click here.

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Centre for Human Rights Research
The Centre is an interdisciplinary University Research Centre which is home to international experts conducting research, training and teaching in the field of human rights, social justice and international relations. For further information click here.