Centre for Performance and Creative Exchange

The Centre for Performance and Creative Exchange offers a forum for the exchange of energy about the history, theories and the practice of performance and theatre and how these strands of research can be developed, circulated, revised and augmented. The Centre advocates for the value of the non-commercial nature of academic research, of performance making and receiving, of pedagogy and the culture of learning. By holding events, hosting local and international artists and scholars, and organizing exchanges across disciplines, countries, and forms, CPCE serves as a starting point for examination of our work in and out of the academy. CPCE constructs a place for debate about our work and its relation to our lives as citizens of a world very much in need of the freely given as well as the energy of discovery and of new ways of making and studying performance.

CPCE seeks to:

  • Open avenues of collaboration and engagement between scholars working on history, gender and race, live art, performance practice and research, and performance practice as research.
  • Encourage work across disciplines and work that is international in its aims.
  • Cultivate the complicated and complex nature of representing work on performance, on practice within the media of writing, speaking and making performance.
  • Disseminate the findings of this research and create venues for vivid and stimulating debates about how the field constitutes itself and how it reformulates such constructions in the wake of changing ideas and theories.
  • Extend the scope of these debates within the community of DTPS thus enlivening the research culture among staff and students.

Among the CPCE's activities are:

  • Workshops by performance makers, scholars and artists for all staff, but some workshops will have an emphasis on the DTPS undergraduate students with the purpose of strengthening the body of students who will go on to do a Masters at Roehampton.
  • Postgraduate presentations and seminars that will serve as both professional development and training.
  • Research seminars with theorists, practitioners and scholars across disciplines and media.
  • Symposia organized to enhance research projects underway by the DTPS team as well as in coordination with student initiatives and future research bids.
  • A gathering point for research information for use by postgraduates and DTPS staff in creating new projects, opening networks between potential partners in the Arts, the Sciences and the public sector.
  • Support in the formulation and execution of grant applications.

This research Centre is part of the TECHNE AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership consortium.


For more information please contact:

Dr Eleanor Roberts, Centre Director, Email: eleanor.roberts@roehampton.ac.uk, Tel: +44 (0) 20 8392 3330.

Dr Johanna Linsley, Research Projects Officer (part-time), Tel: +44 (0)20 8392 3564, Email: johanna.linsley@roehampton.ac.uk