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The Early Childhood Research Centre (ECRC) strives to understand young children as active members of society, no matter where and in which circumstances they are born. Understanding young children’s lives from a systemic perspective, and investigating the dominant neo-liberal imaginary of childhood are two interconnected foci of the research conducted at ECRC. While both aspects have received unprecedented attention in recent years, both locally and globally, their relationship has become problematic. Our research is informed and inspired by the work of Friedrich Froebel – as relevant and radical today as it was at the time it was conceived – and oriented by Paulo Freire’s work on social justice. We connect historical, political and systemic aspects and build on a long tradition of critical enquiry in the field. We investigate histories, policies, pedagogies and practices in Early Childhood locally and internationally from a critical perspective, with a shared interest in the transformative potential of collaborative research.

We have initiated and are involved in numerous collaborative activities with local, national and international partners.

Highlighted projects

Reception teachers' and heads of school perspectives and experiences of an observation-led baseline assessment that focuses on child-initiated activity. 

Mathias Urban, Sigrid Brogaard Clausen, Sofia Guimaraes, Sally Howe and Michelle Cottle.

Research Grant from the Froebel Trust, £20,000.


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