Highlighted Projects


Love, satisfaction and exhaustion in the nursery: An evaluation of Work Discussion as a model of professional reflection for use by nursery practitioners.

Peter Elfer, Sue Greenfield, Sue Robson, Dilys Wilson (Middlesex University) and Antonia Zachariou. Funded by the Froebel Trust (£50,000 Grant Number RCH-07-2016).

Reception teachers' and heads of school perspectives and experiences of an observation-led baseline assessment that focuses on child-initiated activity. 

Mathias Urban, Sigrid Brogaard Clausen, Sofia Guimaraes, Sally Howe and Michelle Cottle. Research Grant from the Froebel Trust, £20,000.

Wellbeing and democratic living in early childhood curricular policies - Chinese, Colombian, Danish, English and Portuguese Curricula analysis in the context of the International Early Learning and Wellbeing study developments.

Sigrid Brogaard-Clausen, Sofia Guimaraes, Fengling Tang, & Clara Rubiano

The Role of Autonomy Support from teachers and young children’s self-regulation in early music education.

Dr Antonia Zachariou and Dr Arielle-Bonneville-Roussy. Funded by the SEMPRE- Arnold Bentley New Initiatives Fund

Exploring the effects of a musical play intervention on young children’s self-regulation.

Dr Antonia Zachariou, Dr Arielle-Bonneville-Roussy and Prof. David Hargreaves. Funded by the Southlands Methodist Trust

Exploring the notion of ‘becoming a lecturer’: A critical examination of Work-Based Learning Pedagogy for Increasing Social Agency in Higher Education.

Kyara Rojas-Bustos (Roehampton), Dr Andrew Gould and Christian Koch, Centre for Work-based Learning, Funded by GSM London

Developing observation methodologies for exploring babies' interactions in nursery.

University of Roehampton, University of Sheffield, Charles Sturt University, New South Wales collaboration.

The articulation of Froebelian principles in early childhood teacher trainees pedagogies: Examining the use photography, reflection, dialogue, and metaphor in the pedagogic documentation of teacher trainees. 

Suzanne Quinn. Research Grant from the Froebel Trust £5000

Exploring the rules of engagement via exemplars: enhancing staff and student dialogue about assessment and learning practice.

Sue Robson in collaboration with Professor Kay Sambell, Northumbria University. 

The Voice of the Child: Ownership and Autonomy in Early Learning (Froebel Research Fellowship Project). 

Sue Robson and Sue Greenfield, with Professor David Hargreaves (Applied Music Research Group, University of Roehampton). Research Grant from the Froebel Trust, £51,000.

Children's computer-based learning experience in early years settings. 

Fengling Tang. Funded by Froebel Research Committee.

The Role of the E-Portfolio in Promoting the Quality of Learning and Teaching: a Pilot Study of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) BA Primary Education Early Childhood Studies Subject Specialism (2008–2009).

Fengling Tang and Sue Robson. Funded by Training and Development Agency.

Perfiles de talento humano para la atención integral a la Primera Infancia: exploración de requisitos en Colombia. Collaborative Project with Universidad Nacional de Colombia and other Colombian universities. 

Mathias Urban. Funded by the Ministry of Education.

Roma Early Childhood Inclusion (RECI+). In collaboration with Open Society Foundation, UNICEF, Roma Education Fund and Save the Children. 

Mathias Urban. Funded by OSF.

Impacts of Privatisation of Early Childhood Education (PECE). International study involving 12 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. 

Mathias Urban and Clara Rubiano. Commissioned and funded by Education International – Internationale de l’Education.