PhD Research

Current Research Students

Michelle Cottle

‘Policy enactment within an English Primary School: exploring discourses of ‘creativity’ and ‘performativity’’

Lynda Smyth

‘The influences of dominant discourses and power relations within the early years' setting on the child's identity’

Ngozi Teresa Aligbe

‘Equal access and high quality learning in early childhood education: A case study of urban and rural early years settings in Imo State, Nigeria’

Ndeban Joof-Ndong

Understanding Integrated Early Childhood Development Models in The Gambia'

Nanban Yuwama Ojo

Home Literacy Practices of Four Families: Case Study of 4-5 year old pre-school children in Plateau State, Nigeria’

Tahani Alghatami

‘Family engagement in Early Childhood’

Valeria Scacchi

‘Reconceptualising professional development in Early Childhood Education and Care’


Recent PhD Completions

Lucy Parker

‘Children, resources and learning – an exploration of practitioners’ pedagogy’

Safana Aseri

‘An exploratory case study of the English language learning experiences of children and teachers in a preschool in Riyadh City Saudi Arabia’

Thoraya Kadasha

‘Equality Policies, their implementation and their effects on disabled preschool children in Saudi Arabia’

Clara Rubiano

‘A case study on teacher educators’ understanding towards teaching for social justice in a Colombian pre-service early childhood education programme’

Sue Robson

‘The relationship between responsibility for children's choice of activity and evidence of self-regulation and Metacognition’

Amy Palmer

‘Nursery Schools or Nursery Classes? An analysis of national and local policy in England 1918-1972’

Chris Gomez

‘Comparing child rearing in England and Spain and impact on early years setting’

Sally Howe

‘An investigation into the perspectives of teachers and children negotiating the transition between the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1’

Jane Read

‘The Froebel movement in Britain 1900-1939’