Young people in mental health settings: Using goals to evidence outcomes

CREST, Richmond Room, Whitelands Campus

Image - Young people in mental health settings: Using goals to evidence outcomes

Young people’s mental health is at the forefront of the current public health agenda, with 20% of young people suffering with a diagnosable mental health disorder. Promoting good therapeutic outcomes is therefore essential in this population, with research suggesting that goal orientated therapy can have a significant positive impact. CREST are delighted to announce a seminar with Dr Jenna Jacob!

Jenna is a Research Lead at the Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC). The CORC team aim to understand the extent to which children and young people’s care is helping them and how real-world evidence can support and improve youth mental health services. CORC provides support to individuals and organisations across the mental health and education sectors, helping to collect and improve the quality of their outcome data and use to evidence in their pursuit of more effective child-centred support, services and systems.

Jenna’s research focuses on patient-centred care and outcome measurement, with a particular interest in goal setting and tracking in therapeutic settings. Through a variety of roles held with CORC over the past decade, Jenna brings a wealth of experience related to routine outcome monitoring in youth mental health settings, including data spec development, measurement advice and data handling; driving forward the overall research strategy in more recent years. Jenna is particularly interested in the direct application of research to positively impact the lives of young people with mental health and wellbeing difficulties. Jenna’s research on goal-based outcomes is the basis of a PhD by Published Works which she is currently undertaking at the University of Roehampton, under the supervision of Dr. John Rae and Dr. Beatrice Allegranti.