Seminar: The Quest for God Project

Humanities, Elizabeth & Daniel Peltz Suite (SW1.13 and SW1.14), Somerset House (East Wing), King's College London, 3pm-5pm

Image - Seminar: The Quest for God Project

The Quest for God: Towards a Philosophically and Experimentally Based Theology of Desire, University of Roehampton/KCL

Following the award of a generous grant from the Templeton Religion Trust, we are conducting a one year project on the role of loving desire in the spiritual quest for God. We begin from the hypothesis that the desire for God is a universal part of human nature (though it may not manifest itself under that description). Stage I, led by Fiona Ellis, will unpack the philosophical implications of this concept of desire, make explicit its relation to love, and show how it can be a human way of apprehending the divine. Stage 2, led by Clare Carlisle, will investigate the reciprocal relation between religious desire and religious practice, developing a philosophical account of desire-involving practices alongside an empirical study of religious practitioners. Stage 3, led by John Cottingham, will argue for the universality of the spiritual quest for God by comparing explicitly religious desire with other widespread forms of yearning often thought to be explicable in secular terms, but which turn out under scrutiny to resist such reduction. Research activities involve a workshop at UVA, a capstone conference in June 2020, and a seminar series which will continue next term.

Speaker: Dr Edward Howells (University of Roehampton)

"Desire and Spiritual Growth"

For further information email fiona.ellis@roehampton.ac.uk