Seminar series, Autumn 2017/18

Seminars are in G036 (Whitelands College) from 1pm – 2pm

06 Oct

Dr Maria Teresa Esposito- University of Roehampton - Toward the identification of a novel therapeutic target for Mixed Lineage Leukaemia

13 Oct

Prof Fulvio D’Acquisto- University of Roehampton - The emotional side of autoimmune disorders: a new venue for treatment 

27 Oct

Alexandra Spencer, Royal Society of Biology-AMRSB - Travel grants from the Royal Society of Biology for students

3 Nov

Dr Natasha Hill- King’s College - Hijacking the matrix – at the crossroads of cancer and diabetes

10 Nov

Dr Nicholas Hurren- University of Roehampton - TBC

17 Nov

Dr Francisco Molina-Holgado- University of Roehampton - Cell cycle modulatory effects of brain endocannabinoid signalling

24 Nov

Dr Bewick Gavin- King’s College - Follow your Gut: Fermentable Carbohydrates and metabolic health

1 Dec

Prof Qasim Aziz-Queen Mary, University of London - Psychophysiological aspects of visceral pain: interactions between personality and the Vagus nerve

8 Dec Dr Simon Dyall - Bournemouth University - Bioactive lipids in the brain and gut - protection and repair