Research Centre Students

Current research student members and their PhD topics

Natalia Bravo Santano - "Hijacking of host cellular functions and metabolism in MRSA pathogenesis". University of Roehampton Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

Mariacristina Ciccioli - "Regulation of gene expression by WASP and WIP". University of Roehampton Scholarship/Cancer Research UK

Neela Dutta - "Stimulant properties of novel psychoactive substances". In collaboration with St George’s, University of London

Humayun Muhammed - "Compliance to a gluten free diet in people with coeliac disease". NHS

Simone Nascimento - "Effects of chronic social defeat stress on the central regulation of appetite". Science without Borders Scholarship, Brazil. In collaboration with the University of Zurich

Nakul Shah - "Post-translational fate of MHC class II molecules: mechanism of degradation and effects of vitamin D in multiple sclerosis". MS Society and MS International Fund Scholarships

Recently completed PhD dissertations

Rabia Ahmad - "Neurobiological responses to glucocorticoid overload" (Funded by GE Healthcare)

Suzanne Barr - "The dietary intake, physical activity and basal metabolic rate of women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome".

Uta Drescher - "Successful adaptation to diabetes".

Tara Finnerty - "The physical activity, dietary intake and body composition children aged 10-15 years in South West London and the effect of peer influence".

Gillian Hood - "Older Type 2 diabetes patients: biographies and experiences".

Michail Leventopoulos - "Long-term neurobiological effects of early life deprivation".

Naghmeh Nikkheslat - "Depression in patients with heart disease". Co-supervised by Prof C. Pariante, King’s College London.

Karen Reid - "Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Athletes and Sportspeople with Respect to Hydration".

Vishvesh Shende - "Brain remodelling in response to environmental factors - long term effects of early life exposure to glucocorticoids and stress".