Hispanic Research Centre Activity

We meet every three weeks, usually on a Wednesday, to discuss research, examine data or hear research papers. We join with colleagues in the Centre for Research in English Language and Linguistics (CRELL) and the Centre for Research in Translation and Transcultural Studies (CRTTS). See those websites for further events.

Past Events 

Mandie Iveson (HRC) "Gendered dimensions of Catalan nationalism and identity construction on Twitter and Facebook"

13 January 2016

Support for independence in Catalonia has been rapidly increasing over the last five years. Civil organisations have been instrumental in the secessionist movement and have used social media to mobilise the Catalan public and raise national consciousness. Drawing on theories of nationalism, gender and nation, this paper examines discursive constructions of national identity and the gendered dimensions of these constructions in Twitter and Facebook posts collected in the week up to the public consultation on independence held in Catalonia in November 2014.  Analysis of the contrasting representations of men and women found in the data suggest that, among both the elites and the public, the contemporary Catalan nationalist project continues to be built on traditional, gender normative models of nationalism. The study concludes that there may be a need for a more inclusive approach in future campaigns or in the Catalan nationalist project as a whole.

María Antonia García de León’s poetry.

24 February 2015

Presentation of her books. Readings in Spanish by the author, and translation into English by Sara Rodríguez.

Second SANTANDER Annual Lecture: Ian Gibson - Lorca, Dalí, Buñuel and the Heady Days of the Residencia de Estudiantes.

4 February 2015 

Ian Gibson in conversation with Pablo Romero-Fresco, with whom he has made a documentary about the Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel and the notion of historical memory in Spain. Mr Gibson discussed the relationship between Federico García Lorca, Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel, three of the most important Spanish artists in the 20th century. He focused on their days as young students at the very creative Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid and the impact that this period had on their lives and their work.

Ian Gibson is the biographer of Antonio Machado, Salvador Dalí, Henry Spencer Ashbee and Luis Buñuel, and is particularly known for his work on Federico García Lorca for which he won several awards, including the 1989 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for biography.

First HRC SANTANDER Annual Lecture: 'An 'Anglo-Saxon' view of Iberia: why we tell stories about Spain' - Giles Tremlett, writer, journalist, broadcaster.

13 March 2014 (17:30-18:30) - Portrait Room, Froebel College.

Giles Tremlett has spent the past 22 years of his life writing about Spain for English-language media and for readers of his books (in multiple languages). Here he reflects on some of the stories that have made the most impact on him and how an 'anglosaxon's view of Spain does not always coincide with that of Spaniards themselves. Do the stories that we choose to tell and the way we tell them say more about the narrator, or about Spaniards? And how do they react to them?

Giles Tremlett is a Madrid-based writer, journalist and broadcaster. He is currently a Contributing Editor to The Guardian and Madrid Correspondent for The Economist. He is the author of Ghosts of Spain, a personal reflection on contemporary Spain and its troubled relationship with the past, and Catherine of Aragon, a biography of Henry VIII's first wife.

'Yo también' ('Me too') (Álvaro Pastor y Antonio Naharro 2009). Spanish with English Subtitles.

31 January 2013 (14:00-16:30) - Jebb Lecture Theatre.

Presented by Dr Pablo Romero-Fresco (University of Roehampton). After the screening there will be a Q&A session with Antonio Naharro (co-director, co-script writer of the movie).

Daniel – a recent university graduate with Down's Syndrome – falls in love on his first day at work in the Department of Social Services. Laura is an outsider who spends her nights in the city's crowded clubs and singles' bars, escaping her problems in the arms of total strangers. Yet despite their apparent incompatibility, the two strike up a moving, bittersweet friendship that touches them both and eventually sets them on the road to happiness. (Edinburgh Film Festival)