Research Centre Students

Mariel Irghas

Mariel Jana Supka
Granted with the Vice Chancellor's studentship, Mariel is a PhD student in the department of Drama Theatre and Performance. Her practice-based research project engages with scientific and public perceptions of non-native animals.

Alessandra Abbattista

Alessandra Abbattista
Alessandra is interested in the ancient Greek language, literature and drama. She is currently working on the representation and characterisation of female avengers in Attic tragedy, through animal metaphors. Her investigation is particularly focused on the meaning and implication of specific animal imagery in Ancient Greece.

Austin Mcquinn

Austin Thomas Mcquinn
Austin McQuinn is a current PhD researcher and is an artist working with performance, video, photography and installation. His thesis examines the function of animal acoustics in arts and performance practices where the animal voice is a porous medium of both similarity and difference.

Laetitia Marechal

Laetitia Marecha
Laetitia is a PhD student in Anthropology, Department of Life Sciences. She is working on primate tourism as a tool for the conservation for Barbary macaques in Morocco using an interdisciplinary approach. She has a broad interest in Primatology/Anthropology, socio-ecology, endocrinology and conservation biology. She is particularly interested in the application of interdisciplinary methods for understanding human/wildlife interactions which ultimately would help conservation and welfare of animals involved.