Marketing, Retailing and Supply Chain Management Research Group

The Marketing, Retailing and Supply Chain Management Research Group brings together a vibrant community of researchers whose interests range from brand experience to E-loyalty to business ethics and sustainable supply chain management. The group meet regularly in Southlands College, led by Professor Mohammed Rafiq, Professor Lia Zarantonello and Professor Wantao Yu, for discussions on selected research topics in addition to their formal research programme (see below) and seminar series.

The group are frequent contributors to top journals such as the Journal of Business Research, International Marketing, and Production Planning and Control.  Indeed, members of the group also sit on the editorial review boards for the European Journal of Innovation Management, the Journal of Brand Management, the Journal of Interactive Marketing and the Journal of Advertising Research.

Professor Annie Chen's research is wide-ranging and includes consumer decision making and behaviour, destination marketing, and services management. Within these broad areas, her main foci of interest are the consumer psychology of tourism and hospitality with particular reference to tourist destination image, place branding and travel motivations and constraints. She also contributes to journals such as Annals of Tourism Research, International of Hospitality Management and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research.

The current research programme of the group includes:

  • Consumer Branding, 
  • Customer Loyalty,
  • Customer participation, 
  • Digitisation & Consumer Behaviour, 
  • Internal Branding, 
  • Brand Experience,
  • Experiential Religiosity,
  • Studying Ethical Business Behaviour through 3D decision making games, 
  • Sustainable/Green Supply Chain Management, 
  • Food Policy,
  • Marketing for Small Businesses


Consumer Happiness and its Role In Customer Experience Management

What is our emotional experience of brands? This stream of work brings together brand management and consumer psychology to offer a more complete conceptualization of how brands are experienced by consumers. By including elements of the emotional experience which had previously been overlooked, Professor Zarantonello, who wrote the first Handbook of Brand Management Scales (Routledge), has produced innovate measurement scales which offer fresh insight into how we experience and react to brands.