Research staff in the National Centre for Research in Children's Literature

NCRCL Director:  Dr Lisa Sainsbury

Dr Alison Waller

Prof Nicki Humble

Dr Ian Kinane

Dr Mary Shannon

Dr Shelley Trower

Dr Kevin McCarron

Dr Ariel Kahn

Dr Beatrice Turner


Senior Research Fellows (affiliated to the NCRCL)

Dr Gillian Lathey

Gillian's areas of expertise are the translation of children's literature and literature for children by German and Austrian exiles 1933-45. Her book The Role of Translators in Children's Literature: Invisible Storytellers was published by Routledge in 2010. She is also interested in the representations of national identity in children's literature.

Dr Pat Pinsent

Pat is co-founder of the NCRCL and Visiting Lecturer on the Postgraduate Programmes in Children's Literature (Onsite and Distance Learning). Her areas of expertise include children's literature and religion and spirituality; poetry and contemporary children's literature. Pat's recent publications can be viewed here.

Dr Penni Cotton

Penni is responsible for European research projects and is Director of the European Picture Book Project. Her research interests include European children's literature; European picture book analysis and European picture books in primary education. Penni's publications can be viewed here. Contact Penni at

Dr Simon Machin

Simon was awarded his PhD in 2015 and is now working on a monograph: Ripping Yarns: the Breaking of Masculine Codes in 'Boy's Own' Adventure Stories, 1855-1940. Simon is also interested in Oral History and is currently working on T.E. Lawrence and W.E. Johns.