Members of the Philosophy of Education Research Centre


Lorella Terzi 

Lorella Terzi is Professor of Philosophy of Education and Director of the Philosophy of Education Research Centre (PERC). A philosopher by training, Lorella is interested in the application of contemporary liberal political philosophy to educational questions. Lorella’s work applies the Capability Approach, as developed by Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum, to questions of justice and inclusion for students with disabilities and special educational needs. She is the author of Justice and Equality in Education, Continuum (2008 and 2010), Winner of the 2011 Nasen Award 'The Special Educational Needs Academic Book'. She has edited the 2010 volume Special Educational Needs: A New Look, by Brahm Norwich and Baroness Mary Warnock, which was translated into Japanese (Tuttle-Mori). 



Dr Mari Cruice

Dr Mari Cruice is a Senior Lecturer - English (Secondary English). Her doctoral research was a study of the shifting discourses on standards and standardisation in secondary English classrooms in England and Wales. Mari studied philosophy as an undergraduate and has taught A-Level philosophy and Philosophy for Children in secondary schools. She is interested in the ways in which philosophy might inform and underpin the discipline of English. Mari is currently exploring the existential philosophy of David Holbrook, who attempted to use philosophy to defend English teaching against reductive pedagogies.

Muna Golmohamad Linkova

I have a strong interest in Philosophy of Education and have been a member of the Philosophy of Education Society for GB since 1993, serving on its executive committee between 1996 and 2005.  I have a background in teaching since 1996: training as a high school teacher, initially, and working as a lecturer in Education at the University of Roehampton since 2004. My interests have included reflecting and publishing on subjects that include: notions of the self and identity; citizenship and world citizenship; citizenship beyond the nation and notions of patriotism, moral and political notions of educating for citizenship. I have travelled and presented in conferences both nationally and internationally and published in the areas of my interest. As the Programme Convener for the BA Education Studies programme at the University of Roehampton, I continue to enjoy supporting students and staff to engage in philosophy of education. My involvement in the Philosophy of Education Research Centre has included organisation of seminars and the postgraduate residential summer schools. I continue to actively promote Philosophy of Education and support the research centre to further explore important questions about education.

Alison Murray

Dr Alison Murray is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Education. In attempts to be more effective through physical education pre and in-service professional development, and proactive toward policy making, Alison draws implicit impetus from philosophical underpinnings of physical education and its place within our ever changing and complex society.

Anthony Thorpe

Dr Anthony Thorpe is a senior lecturer (leadership and management) and director of studies/supervisor for doctoral research students. His research interests include the use of critical realism in the theory and practice of educational leadership and management. His work also explores the relationship between organizational theory, education and theology.

Annemarie O'Dwyer

Annemarie is a part-time PhD student at the University of Roehampton. She taught for eleven years in the further education sector. Her research centres on education policy and the particular challenges it may present for teachers with specific learning differences.

Lidon Lashley

Lidon Lashley is attempting to establish himself as a poststructuralist researcher in the global South. He has completed several key researches in the areas of curriculum and Instruction and Special Education Needs and/or Disabilities (SEN/D) in Guyana. A very innovative and highly experienced mainstream and special education needs teacher, with over seventeen (17) years in practice as an educator across various levels; from classroom to administration to the university level. As a budding southern post-structuralist researcher, Lidon Lashley believes that knowledge which is beneficial to all learners and educators in Guyana can be generated through the discourses in the mainstream education system. 

Annamarie McKie

Annamarie McKie is in the 5th year of a Professional Doctorate in Education. Her research topic is an exploration of how creative arts lecturers in higher education talk about reflection in their teaching. The research aims to explore the socially situated, culturally imbued understandings and engagement with reflection in creative arts teacher settings. For more information, please visit

Emeritus Professors:

Professor Ron Best

Professor Suzy Harris

Professor Andrew Stables

Honorary Research Fellows:

Dr Mary Healy


Dr Lisa McNulty

Dr Alin Olteanu

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