Programme of Events 2015-16

2nd September 2015
Conference: What is good teaching? Competing philosophical perspectives
Panel: Jan Derry (IoE, University College London); Joris Vlieghe (University of Edinburgh); Janet Orchard (University of Bristol); Gert Biesta (University of Luxembourg)

29th September 2015
How should moral philosophy be taught in schools? The experience of a philosophy teacher versus the legacy of Piaget and Kohlberg
Rufus Duits, St Paul’s School, London

6th October 2015 
Book launch - Philosophy of Education in the Semiotics of Charles Peirce: A cosmology of Learning and Loving

Author: Dr Alin Olteanu
This book investigates the philosophy of education implicit in the semiotics of Charles Peirce. It is commonly accepted that the acts of learning and teaching imply affection of some sort, and Charles Peirce’s evolutionary semiotics thoroughly explains learning as an act of love. According to Peirce, we evolved to learn and to love; learning from other people has proved to be one of the best ways to carry out our infinite pursuit of truth, since love is the very characteristic of truth. As such, the teacher and the student practise love in their relation with one another. 

Grounded within an edusemiotics framework and also exploring the iconic turn in semiotics and recent developments in biosemiotics, this is the first book-length study of Peirce’s contribution to the philosophy of education.

«In this book, Alin Olteanu develops implications for education from Charles Peirce’s philosophy. Taking his point of departure in an erudite conception of Peirce’s pragmatism and semiotics, Olteanu ventures into the challenging waters of Peircean metaphysics, finding basic educational guidelines in his proposal of so-called ‘evolutionary love’ as an organizing principle. This is a high-risk suggestion – but one whose implications are worth tracing.»
(Professor Frederik Stjernfelt, University of Copenhagen)

2nd November 2015

Darren Chetty, Institute of Education, UCL

14th December 2015
Philosophy of Education seminar: The ‘Lifeblood’ of Science and its Politics: interrogating epistemic curiosity as an educational aim
Professor Mariana Papastefanou

18th January 2016
Educational Philosophy for a Postsecular Age
David Lewin, Liverpool Hope University

22nd February 2016
Judith Suissa, UCL, Institute of Education Parenting

14-15th March 2016
Transitionalist Pragmatism
Darren Garside and Andrew Stables (PESGB large grant funded seminar series)

25th April 2016
Amanda Fulford, Leeds Trinity University

17th May 2016
Judith Suissa, UCL, Institute of Education Parenting

16th-18th June 2016

Semiosis in Communication: Knowing and Learning
Professor Andrew Stables, Dr Alin Olteanu and Dr Arianna Ciula from the University of Roehampton, and many others. Romania

6-9th July 2016
Uncertain futures: Risks and challenges for the next generation of philosophers of education
Suzy Harris, Gonzalo Jover, Ralph Bannell(PESGB large grant funded seminar series) Madrid