Research Centre Staff



Suzy Harris
Research interests: Higher education policy and practice; questions of language and translation in relation to education; and the place of ecumenical thinking in the university.


Mike Castelli
Research interests: Religious education; faith dialogue.

Muna Golmohamad

Mary Healy
Research interests: Civic friendship; civic loyalty

Marilyn Holness


Andrew Stables
Research interests: Pragmatic philosophy of education, particularly in semiotics, the development of semiotic philosophy of education,empirical study,curriculum studies and language/literacy, philosophy and theory of education.

Lorella Terzi
Research interests: A philosopher by training, Lorella is interested in the application of contemporary liberal political philosophy to educational questions.

Anthony Thorpe
Research interests: Leadership in further and higher education; complementary and Supplementary School leadership

Alin Olteanu

Research interests: Semiotics, Philosophy of Education, Semiotic Philosophy of Education, Biosemiotics, Phenomenology, History of Ideas