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This research group brings together historians from the Department of Humanities who work on contemporary history from various geographical and methodological vantagepoints. The group explores how national scholarly traditions have shaped different understandings in conceptualising the most recent history and how it reflects on our present times. Recent controversies over the long afterlives of empire, modes of global history writing, and debates about the role of the nation-state, sovereignty, and territoriality in writing twentieth century history have called into question hegemonic periodisations and master narratives. Studies on transnational movements, political and economic integration and the “globalisation of markets” have further challenged older ways of contemporary history writing. Based on these shifts in scholarship, this research group interrogates modes of writing contemporary history or in the words of the doyen of the German school of contemporary history Hans Rothfels, “writing history while it is still smouldering”.

Call to Action: Raising Awareness of Theodore Roosevelt Island

When Theodore Roosevelt died in 1919, memorial communities drafted plans for several monumental tributes. The most controversial was the national memorial at Washington D.C.'s tidal basin. This project will produce a documentary on the history of the island as a memorial to Roosevelt to invigorate public engagement. 

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