Our research seminars for 2017-18 will take place from 11.30-12.30 on Tuesdays (Adam Room, Grove House, Froebel College in the Autumn; Duchesne 201, Digby Stuart College in the Spring). Click here to download a campus map. Those who wish to continue conversations over lunch are welcome to stay. 

Spring 2018

16th Jan, 30th Jan, 20th Feb, 6th Mar, 20th Mar

16th Jan

Dr Julian Gotobed, Senior Lecturer in Ministerial Theology, University of Roehampton

James McClendon: A Baptist Theologian in Diaspora
James McClendon, a Southern Baptist theologian, worked for most of his career as a theological educator outside of the mainstream of Southern Baptist life in Roman Catholic, Episcopal, and Interdenominational departments of theology and seminaries. His ecumenical experience prompted him to strike out in new directions of theological analysis and construction. This paper presents McClendon's biography in brief, an overview of his theological project, an explanation of how he understood the nature and task of theology, and concludes with some reflections on the significance of his ideas for church and academy.

30th Jan

Professor Nicholas Sagovsky, Whitelands Professorial Fellow

The Council of Nicaea: How the Church Settled (up to a point) the Biggest God Controversy of its first Three Hundred Years
All the major traditions of Christianity accept the Nicene Creed as amended by the Council of Constantinople - which is an anti-Arian statement. In this paper I shall discuss the origins of the controversy over the teaching of Arius, the convening of what is now seen as the first 'ecumenical council' at Nicaea, and the creed produced by the Council, and I shall offer an assessment of the achievement of what is now recognised as the first Ecumenical Council.

Nicholas Sagovsky is Whitelands Professorial Fellow at the University of Roehampton and a Visiting Professor at Kings College London.

20th Feb

Dr Pauline Muir, Birkbeck, University of London

20th March

Professor Allan Anderson, Professor of Mission and Pentecostal Studies, University of Birmingham

Summer 2018

1st May, 15th May


Further speakers to be confirmed.

For more information on events please contact the group convenor, Dr Andrew Rogers