Members of the Sport and Exercise Science Research Centre

The research centre comprises 15 members of academic staff and two honorary researchers (listed below) as well as postgraduate research students. Collectively, members have interests and expertise in biomechanics, metabolism, motor control, nutrition, physiology and psychology, across the domains of sport, exercise, and health. 

Dr Richard Mackenzie (Research Centre Director)
Reader - Insulin Resistance and Metabolism
Richard's work uses whole body isotope methodology and molecular techniques to improve the understanding of diseases processes  and to investigate the mechanisms by which nutrition and exercise manipulate muscle metabolism and cell signalling to improve health.

Dr Adam Bruton - Senior Lecturer - Psychology of Human Performance
Adam is broadly interested in the coupling between perception and action, and the psychological factors that underpin optimal performance in individuals and teams. Adam is particularly interested in imagery and observation as performance enhancing interventions, and efficacy beliefs as a cognitive factor underpinning action execution.

Professor Nicholas Burd (University of Illinois, Honorary member) 
Prof. Burd uses stable isotope labeled amino acid tracers, and various other molecular techniques, for the in vivo measurement of whole body and muscle protein turnover in a human model.

Linda Cronin - Senior Lecturer

Dr Ceri Diss - Senior Lecturer - Biomechanics
Ceri’s work aims to enhance and expand the biomechanical knowledge associated with injury and performance of the lower body during dynamic movements in the ageing and individuals following amputation.

Dr Luke Felton - Senior Lecturer - Social Psychology of Human Performance
Luke’s work focuses on understanding and improving mental well-being by exploring individual and social factors; including attachment styles, the coach-athlete relationship, and basic psychological needs.

Dr Andrew Greene - Senior Lecturer - Biomechanics
Andrew’s work focuses on injury and rehabilitation of the lower limb, particularly in relation to landing injuries in sports.  He has also worked extensively investigating gait and movement patterns in clinical populations.

Dr Nick Hurren - Lecturer - Exercise, Nutrition, and Metabolic Physiology
Nick's work focusses on the links between lipid/lipoprotein metabolism and chronic disease states (diabetes, NAFLD, CVD, obesity), and the role that exercise and/or nutritional interventions can play in improving metabolic health across the lifespan.

Dr Sandra Klaperski (University of Amsterdam, Honorary member) 
Sandra’s research interests predominately focus on the areas of physical exercise, green exercise, stress, and health. Her current projects range from clinical projects in care settings to international projects in occupational settings.

Dr Omar Mian - Senior Lecturer - Biomechanics
Omar is interested in the control of standing and whole-body movements such as walking and running. He is particularly interested in the role of vestibular information in these tasks.

Dr Vaithehy Shanmuganathan-Felton - Senior Lecturer - Mental Health and Wellbeing in Sport and Exercise
Vaithehy’s work focuses on examining the psychosocial and environmental risk factors and consequences of mental health across several sport and exercise populations.

Dr Siobhán Strike - Reader - Biomechanics

Siobhán’s work focuses on how people who have experienced an amputation or lower limb injury move and how this can lead to subsequent injury and how exercise and rehabilitation can mediate this. 

Dr Neale Tillin - Senior Lecturer - Neuromuscular Physiology
Neale's work in human neuromuscular function focuses on understanding the neural, morphological, and mechanical factors that influence skeletal-muscle strength in-vivo, with a particular interest in explosive muscle strength.

Dr Steven Trangmar - Lecturer - Cardiovascular & Exercise Physiology
Steven’s work focuses on the regulation of the cardiovascular system during the combined physiological challenge of exercise, heat stress and dehydration, particularly how the cerebral circulation and metabolism is affected in conditions that tax the cardiovascular system.

Dr Chris Tyler - Reader - Environmental Physiology
Chris’s work focuses on ways to reduce physiological and perceptual strain and optimise exercise performance in extreme environmental conditions.

Dr Sam Thrower - Lecturer - Sport & Exercise Psychology
Sam’s current research focuses on the area of youth sport and specifically the development, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based sport parent education programmes.

Dr Emily Watkins - Lecturer - Sport and Exercise Physiology
Emily’s work focuses on the consequences of the occupational demands of firefighting and exercise in environmental extremes. She is particularly interested in systemic inflammation, cardiac event risk and heat tolerance.