Wednesdays, 1.10-1.50pm

G036 Parkstead House, Whitelands

Autumn 2019 - Spring 2020

02 Oct 2019: Dr Emily Watkins (University of Roehampton)
The Impact of Working Practices on Firefighter Health

30 Oct 2019: Dr Chris Richter (Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin)
Machine Learning in Biomechanics, can we objectively judge return to play or rehabilitation status.
Host: Siobhan Strike.

13 Nov 2019: Fulvia Draicchio (PhD Student, University of Roehampton)
Disruptions to the Extra Cellular Matrix alter phenylalanine metabolism but not insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscles of hemodialysis patients. 
Supervisor: Richard Mackenzie.

27 Nov 2019: Dr Adam Bruton (University of Roehampton)
Simulating actions in sporting contexts: From the lab to the field and back again

11 Dec 2019: Dr Phil Hayes (Northumbria University)
Topic TBC.
Host: Ceri Diss

29 Jan 2020: Dr Neale Tillin (University of Roehampton)
Topic TBC.

12 Feb 2020: Dr Vaithehy Shanmuganathon-Felton (University of Roehampton)
Topic TBC.

26 Feb 2020: Dr Omar Mian (University of Roehampton)
Topic TBC.

11 Mar 2020: Dr Steven Trangmar (University of Roehampton)
Topic TBC.

25 Mar 2020: Dr Luke Felton (University of Roehampton)
Topic TBC.

1 Apr 2020: Dr Andrew Greene (University of Roehampton)
Topic TBC.

22 Apr 2020: Dr Nick Hurren (University of Roehampton)
Topic TBC.

Previous Years

Autumn 2018 - Spring 2019

03 Oct 2018: Dr Sam Thrower (University of Roehampton)
Youth Sport, Parenting and Car Conversations

17 Oct 2018: Dr Andrew Greene (University of Roehampton)
Are shoes any good for your feet?

31 Oct 2018: Dr Steven Trangmar (University of Roehampton)
Heating up the brain: the physiological and psychological consequences

07 Nov 2018: Dr Dan Bishop and Mr Fabio Castro (Brunel University)
Does sonification of an observed action facilitate subsequent motor imagery of that action? Host: Adam Bruton

28 Nov 2018: Dr Siobhan Strike (University of Roehampton)
Amputees and Exercise: Mechanical considerations for safe and sustained exercise

05 Dec 2018: Dr Neale Tillin (University of Roehampton)
Neuromechanics of Rapid Human Movements

16 Jan 2019: Dr. Carla Meijen (St Mary’s University)
The psychology of endurance performance: Using brief interventions to provide mental skills support. Host: Vaithehy Shanmuganathan-Felton

23 Jan 2019: Dr Ceri Diss (University of Roehampton)
Biomechanics of Gait through the Ages

06 Feb 2019: Dr Martin Whitham (University of Birmingham)
Proteomic insight into tissue cross talk during exercise. Host: Nick Hurren

27 Feb 2019: Dr Luke Felton (University of Roehampton)
Understanding Athlete Well-Being: The role of Attachment

13 Mar 2019: Dr Mark Turner (Loughborough University)
Insights into metabolic disease from in vivo and in vitro research Host: Richard Mackenzie

27 Mar 2019: Dr Nadia Gaoua (London South Bank University)
How to beat the heat in Tokyo 2020: Heat and the cognitive aspects of sport performance. Host: Chris Tyler