Research expertise

At Roehampton our research expertise spans the health sciences, arts and humanities, business, education and social sciences. Our academics are engaged in cutting edge research focusing on health and wellbeing, economic and ecological sustainability, the creative arts and the industries that support them, and working for just and inclusive societies.

In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework we were ranked as the most research-intensive modern university in the UK. Our Dance and Drama and Performance Studies submissions were ranked 1st and 5th in the UK respectively.

We offer expert knowledge and skills within our key institutional research themes that present outstanding opportunities for external stakeholders, business and academic partners to engage through collaboration, consultancy, knowledge exchange and knowledge transfer partnerships.

We explore fundamental health and wellbeing concerns such as treatments for disease, nutrition, exercise and regulation of metabolism, and treatment and management of cognitive impairment and mental health. Our academics have expertise in molecular immunology, neurobiological and molecular modelling, computational biomedicine, cell and microbiology, biomechanics and motor control, exercise metabolism, neuromuscular function, pathomechanics, neuropsychological and neuroimaging tools and techniques, arts, play and therapeutic practices, and dance movement psychotherapy. We collaborate with the NHS, international sports teams and athletes, schools and leading cultural organisations across these areas.

We strive to support economic and environmental sustainability by considering the role of business and management in building sustainable organisations and enterprises that are effective, ethical and promote social justice, and providing ecological and anthropological insights that inform the management of species and ecosystems. We have expertise in environmental economics, accounting, corporate governance, risk management and strategic investment decision-making, marketing, supply chain management and international business relations and strategy, ecology, conservation, sustainable tourism and fishing practices. We work with multinational companies and organisations, local communities, local and international government departments and NGOs to enhance business and sustainability outcomes.

We address profound social challenges and effect positive cultural change through performance and media studies, documentary films, and ground-breaking translation and localisation tools and practices for the entertainment industry. Our creative practice and performing arts research is world leading: our Dance and Drama and Performance Studies submissions were ranked 1st and 5th in the UK respectively in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework. Our academics specialise in film, media, journalism, photography, linguistics, audio-visual translation, live subtitling and language testing, dance, drama, performance and theatre studies, experimental theatre, performance ethnography, contemporary playwriting, and creative writing. Our experts have worked with televisual and film companies, national and local theatres, cultural and arts centres, and major literary and film festivals.

We scrutinise and shape key societal issues such as human rights and equality, inclusion of children with additional and special needs, the educational, social and psychological well-being of children, adolescents and their families, and the development of mental (anxiety, depression) and neurodevelopmental (e.g., autism) disorders. We have expertise in human rights law, social policy, international relations, early childhood studies and educational philosophy, young children’s digital literacy, music education and therapy, clinical, social and developmental psychology, epidemiology, and various forms of psychological therapies. Our academics provide contract research and consultancy to various international human rights organisations and commissions and collaborate with international governments and leading educational organisations.

We champion faith-based social justice through research into all aspects of theology, religion and practice including issues around relationships, marriage, family, society, civic and community engagement, the specific needs of faith-based groups, and a better understanding of the practices of churches and other faith-based organisations. Our academics have expertise in ministerial theology, theological ethics, the philosophy of religion, mysticism and spirituality, and minority faith groups, and work with religious charities, Pentecostal and Black Churches in London, and the National Church Leaders Forum, facilitated by our historical connections with the Church of England and the Methodist and Catholic churches through our founding colleges.


We welcome enquires about research collaborations, consultancy, and knowledge transfer partnerships, please contact the Research Office: