Monstrous Ontologies: Politics, Ethics, Materiality 2019

Social Sciences, Portrait Room, Grove House

00:00 - 16:30

This is an  inaugural symposium hosted by the Department of Social Sciences. 

Contemporary critical thought has done much to frame monstrosity as reflecting the cultural anxieties of the contexts from which it is drawn. Accordingly, much of its wider significance has been located in the affective impact and emotional salience of monsters: the ability to become fearsome, to provoke disgust, but also to agglomerate desire around a not fully-explored alterity, and create curiosity towards their embodied transgression.

Insofar as a purely cultural construction depending on the transgression of given norms, monstrosity has been critically demystified, by challenging its insidious categorisations of the other (species, body, race, gender) as monstrous. While it is necessary to challenge these monstrous otherings and their perverse socio-political effects, we contest the consequent reduction of monstrosity to a mere cultural construction of the other.

This symposium focuses on the more that the monster embodies and communicates, the monstrous excess that materially resists being ingested within an order, and yet cannot be placed in a negative, dialectical opposition to that order either.

Keynote Speakers: The Monster Network 

Sessions 10am-5.30pm [refreshments and a light lunch will be provided]

wine reception 5.30pm onwards.

Location: Grove House, Portrait Room, University of Roehampton

Tickets cost £10.00 and last date of booking is 25 June 2019.