‘You can build great things’ Sarah Brown tells Roehampton students

Sarah Brown advised Department of Social Sciences students how to make the most of opportunities in preparation for their careers in her keynote for the annual student conference, ‘A World of Opportunity’. 

Posted: 23 May 2017

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An advocate for global education, Sarah Brown is President of the children’s charity Theirworld. She shared her latest campaigns to help children in Africa have access to education and have safe schools. Giving some perspective on these children’s lives, she asked students to imagine what they would do, if they didn’t have the chance to attend university.

She encouraged students to value their degree and make the most of the skills and experiences they have gained at university such as presenting their research or volunteering at charities. She advised students to consider how their experiences can tell an effective story to future employers and to find their own voice for presenting themselves.

She said “Public speaking skills are one of the most important gifts from the University. It gives you the opportunity to address an audience. Find your voice, because the only way your voice will be heard, is if you are the one that stands up and speaks.”

Sarah Brown also encouraged students to look for ways that people are making the world a better place. She said “There are so many opportunities out there. Sometimes challenges may feel overwhelming, but there is always an action you can take to help others. Keep that listening ear open and hear the good that people do. Hold onto your values no matter the circumstances. If you are somebody who lifts someone up as you climb, this will hold you in good stead.”

For students looking for work after graduation she advised “You can build great things with your experience. At your interview, look people in the eye. By researching your potential employer and knowing what they do, you will be halfway there already. You are all entrepreneurs armed with your CVs and like snowflakes with your own unique talents. As snowflakes you can create a mighty storm together.”

Sarah Brown has created A World at School, a global youth and NGO global movement to provide children with quality education. She is also author of the best-selling book Behind the Black Door, a memoir about life at 10 Downing Street.

The Department of Social Sciences at the University of Roehampton is rated one of the best in the UK for the impact of its Social Sciences research (REF 2014). Graduates are equipped to pursue careers in social justice, the legal system, in the government and non-government agencies.

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