Play Roehampton

Play Roehampton is designed to offer a way of getting more active generally, without too much of a time commitment. There are many ways that you can get involved in something fresh and exciting, even if you have no prior experience.

What’s more, you can attend any of the activities in the Play bracket for just one payment – not per session!

£30 per year is equal to just £1.25 per week (based on 24 weeks of activities in term times), which we think you will agree, is outstanding value.

Come along and try your first session any time of year for free!

We also offer a ’Learn to’ programme for those that are complete beginners, as well as many casual opportunities to try something you may never even considered before.  

These activities are a great way to socialise, and being active can have a real impact on your physical wellbeing, as well as supporting good mental wellbeing too.

View the timetable here.